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Luna Trucking Semi: R/C 1:14 Scale

Well I did it again. another fully lighted Luna Trucking semi. This time though it's a 1:14 scale radio control one.

 It started as the truck you see in the top photo. It's a Ford Aeromax (wish it was a Peterbilt instead), identical to the one Tamiya makes, but this was made by some cheapo company (to avoid any licensing agreement, the little Ford logo sticker on the front said "Food". :rofl: ) It had gaudy graphics stickers on it, and it was a box trailer. I wanted to make it a flatbed capable of hauling plushies around conventions (I've seen plushies riding on R/C cars at Midwest Brony Fest in the past, which is where I got the idea). It does have a couple of sounds: The truck starting up and the horn (which doesn't sound like a truck horn), which you activate by pressing buttons on the controller. It uses a 9.6 volt battery pack. I considered running the LEDs off the battery pack, but that would've drained it too fast, so I put 4 D batteries inside the truck for the power supply.

 I took the box trailer body off and made a custom flatbed one out of foam core, then gave it a new 2 tone blue metallic paint job and custom decals (I left the "Canterlot" part off so I wouldn't have to explain it if I was running it and someone stopped to look at it).

 Then came the lights. The truck originally had headlights and running lights, but that wasn't enough. This one has 95 LEDs. Instead of blue I went with purple ones for the ground effect lights. The headlights are "warm white" and looked great in the headlight housings, which actually reflect the light. 2 circuit boards (one in the truck and another hidden in one of the tool boxes I put on the trailer) hold the resistors for the LEDs. Like the other truck I set it up for a 9 volt power supply, but only run it off 6 volts which is still bright, but is easier on the LEDs and Resistors.
 I made 4 elastic straps to hold down any loads it carries. And to top it off: I put a Funko mini Luna inside (hope no non bronies notice :P ).

 And this isn't it. I'm working on another R/C truck I have also. It will be done within the next week or so. Stay tuned.
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So awesome ! I want to try this my  Tamiya 1:14 SCANIA  
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very very COOL !!
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Lunamus Prime:"Calling all Lunarbots!"
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Oh man! Grate job :D
Now this truck is visible from the moon ;)
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