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Fluffle Puff Custom

By lonewolf3878
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Been wanting to make one for ages, but couldn't figure out how to. At first I toyed with the idea of dyeing plushie stuffing or cotton balls a light pink and gluing them on a brushable, which might have worked, but wouldn't look right.

 Next was fur fabric. Unfortunately I could only find one example of extra long fur in a decent (but not correct) pink on Ebay, and it still wouldn't be thick enough. Then I thought about gluing cotton balls on the body to fill it out, and glue the fabric over it.

 A couple weeks ago I was browsing a Hobby Lobby and found some fur in the perfect shade of pink, though it was short. Went ahead and purchased some to try it.

 This was the result. The only problem with it is when you cut it, it sheds worse than a Persian cat along the cut line, exposing the backing. And the backing will show through in some spots. Nonetheless with the cotton balls for stuffing, it gives the correct look. And man does it feel soft. 

Fluffle Puff belongs to :iconmixermike622:
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VERY nice job! I think she turned out perfectly! (And, yeah, rose swirl minky should come with a warning about wearing a respirator!)
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fluffle puff fluffle puff!!!
So cute.