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Chrome Thunder or Graywolf71

One look at my gallery and you might think "WTF?" . but the truth is there's several things i like to make. My primary art form is ink and pen (with black pencil and carbon paper thrown in) hand sketches. Mostly of trains, though i have tried some Ace Attorney art too. Painting isn't one of my strong points, especially on a computer since I only have a mouse and cheap photo programs (though as you can see it hasn't stopped me). I like to make custom models of trucks and warplanes, and of course custom My Little Ponies (and other horses). I guess it was something to do with the fact i was NUTS about horses when i was a kid. I'm also one of the many guys who have fallen victim to the new MLP-FiM show.

I also do some photography (again mostly of trains, but some weather shots also). I like both country and metal music. I consider myself a right leaning Libertarian. And though I'm usually nice, there's some times (like with certain subjects when they come up), this song describes me: www.youtube.com/watch?v=UrgpZ0…

And here's another song that is fitting for a lot of people: www.youtube.com/watch?v=1H-Y7M…

Nice job at nuking stamps Deviantart. Eclipse stinks.

Outlaw Brony Stamp
80's Toys Stamp
Area00 Game Stamp
New Lunar Republic Air Force Animated Stamp
Peterbilt Stamp
Phoenix and Iris Stamp
VF-84 Jolly Rogers Stamp
VF-41 Black Aces Stamp
VF-1 Wolfpack Stamp
VF-142 Ghostriders Stamp
VF-111 Sundowners Stamp

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Current Residence: Kansas

Favorite genre of music: Hard rock, metal, and country

Operating System: Win XP home

Favorite cartoon character: Wildfire (from a 1980's cartoon of the same name)

Favourite Visual Artist
Howard Fogg
Favourite Movies
The Crow
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Alice Cooper
Favourite Games
Several, Incl the Phoenix Wright/Apolo Justice series
Favourite Gaming Platform
Other Interests
Trains, model railroading, telephone insulators, horses, Nascar, tornadoes/storm spotting

Harmonycon 2022

6 min read
I was sure we had seen the last of conventions when the pandemic started, but they've been slowly coming back with restrictions, and after only being online last year, Harmonycon was back at a new place (the old hotel went under thanks to financial troubles capped by the virus); the Sheraton next to DFW airport. The restrictions was masks all the time and proof of vax or negative test (other pony cons were only allowing vaxxed people which doesn't sit right with me). Once again though I had to deal with winter weather for the trip. Kansas got hit by a big storm that ended early afternoon Thursday, and I was going to leave around 2AM Friday, so I was sure the roads would be uncleared by then. I was constantly checking the road condition sites for KS and OK, and even called a couple of the KS Turnpike service areas when the KanDrive site wasn't updating. Things seemed to had been cleared, so I waited until 5AM to leave. Well the first 100 miles was a slow white
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NFT Issue

1 min read
Been following the commotion over people's art being stolen for NFT's, and it looks like it's my turn to deal with it. Yesterday Deviantart alerted me this art had appeared on OpenSea: I'm not on OpenSea nor have any plans to get into NFT's,
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Well I made it through last year. Time to start again. I predicted nothing fun would've happened because of the virus in 2021, but there were a few events: The airshow in Topeka (need to get the pic's uploaded), the 4014 chase, a few railfan outings, (more pic's I need to upload), a couple of storm chases, and a concert: Alice Cooper and Ace Frehley in October (managed to get one of Ace's guitar picks). Almost went to Planet Comicon (really surprised it was allowed to happen), but something came up at the last moment. I completely failed to do the stuff I wanted to last year. Either I didn't have time, or I just couldn't get motivated enough to do them (which has become more and more of a problem for me). I still want to do the Vector Thrust skins, and some DCS ones (I got that simulator and modules, and I still haven't done anything with it). I at least got the last two custom R/C cars done. Will I get a chance to run them? I don't know. Harmonycon is happening next month, and
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Um...hi ^^💧 do u do customized mlp requests ? I’m sorry for asking a dumb question 💧 :(


What colors of Blue and yellow did you use on your AWVR SD40-2?

It's been so long I don't remember XD

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Thanks for the birthday greetings everyone!
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