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Overwatch Spanking Chronicles

By Lonewolf86 (AOTK)


Halloween Special


Lena and Hana met at the exit of the mall, each carrying multiple shopping bags filled with their Halloween costume pieces. Lena was wearing a pair of bright yellow yoga pants and a loose fitting white t-shirt while Hana was wearing a pair of navy blue cut off shorts with her favorite white t-shirt with a pink angry bunny emblem on the front of it. Hana's hair was blonde instead of her usual brown hair.


“Woah! I didn't know you were going to be dying your hair!” Lena was shocked to see Hana's new appearance. “You look cute as a blonde.”


Hana giggled and started to blush. “Thanks. Glad you like it.”


“Looks like you got quite the haul there as well.” Lena cheerfully said as she noticed Hana carrying four shopping bags, two in each hand. “Is that a tail I see?” Lena tried peeking inside the bag but Hana pulled the bag away from Lena's view.


“Hey! No peeking!” Hana responded but started to giggle. “Maybe. You didn't buy very much for your costume.” Hana glanced down and saw that Lena only had a pair of shopping bags in her right hand.


“I didn't need to buy a whole lot for mine. Besides, I budgeted myself about 100 Quid and I have some of the stuff at home to use.” Lena replied. “How much did you spend?”


“Uh... way too much.” Hana replied sheepishly as she looked down at her white sneakers. Hana decided to hide how much she went over budget on her costume.

“Well as long as you are happy with what you bought, it doesn't matter that much. It's okay to splurge every once and a while.” Lena smiled at Hana. “You ready to go?”


“Yep!” Hana replied eagerly. “I can't wait to see what Amelie and Isabel did with the house. They have been working on it quite a bit over the past few days.”


“Alright! Let's get a move on then.” Lena announced gleefully as both girls made their way out of the mall and started their walk home. “Amelie and Isabel have been hiding their decorating behind some black sheets lately too.”


“They want to keep it a surprise for everyone, even for us.” Hana replied. “I tried peeking through the curtains and Amelie caught me. She threatened me with a rather sore bottom if I tried again.”


Lena giggled. “You didn't try to peek again since then, have you?”


“No way! Amelie's spankings really hurt.” Hana started to have flashbacks of a prior spanking Amelie had given her in the past. Just thinking of the spanking made Hana want to rub her bottom.


“Yeah, last spanking she gave me, my arse hurt for the rest of the week!” Lena hooked her left arm through Hana's right arm and walked close beside her. “Don't worry, I think our bums are safe for now.”


“I sure hope so.” Hana replied as she smiled at Lena. “It makes gaming difficult when you can't even sit down comfortably.”


“Ha ha! I bet.” Lena's attention was quickly drawn away from their current topic when she noticed a rather extravagantly decorated yard. Lena unhooked her arm from Hana and ran up to the fence. “Woah, check out all the decorations they set out.”


The yard had a small graveyard set up with some of the graves having zombie arms reaching through the earth. There was a zombie that was missing half its body from the waist down reaching towards the walkway. Another heavily decayed zombie looked as if it was in search for a victim closer to the house.


“You can tell who likes Halloween from those who LOVE Halloween.” Hana said as she inspected the yard. “I bet this place would be even creepier when it gets dark out.”


“Yeah, I bet this place will scare a lot of kids.” Lena smirked.


The duo continued to make their way home, making sure to critique the decorated yards along the way. It took the girls quite a bit longer to do the normally half an hour walk since they stopped frequently to inspect the elaborately decorated yards. They stopped at the end of the driveway to their home after noticing that the curtains still surrounded the yard.


“Aww, bollocks! The curtains are still up. I was hoping that they would be gone by the time we got back.” Lena's disappointment was matched by Hana.


“Yeah, me too.” Hana frowned. “It's so hard to not peek inside though.”


“You can peek if you want too, you know what will happen to you if you do though.” Amelie's voice came from behind the sheets.


Hana gasped and was caught off guard. “N-no, I think I can wait 'til tonight.” Hana could hear Amelie and who she assumed was Isabel giggling behind the curtains.


“Come on, let's go inside and get our costumes on!” Lena grabbed Hana by her left wrist and pulled her towards the open garage doors to enter the house since the front entrance was closed off.


“Alright! Alright! I'm coming.” Hana giggled at how eager Lena was to get changed. The girls dashed inside the house and were greeted by Angela.


“Hey you two. Did you get everything for your costumes?” Angela asked as she poured some alcohol into a large bowl of punch for the party later that evening.


“Yea, we are about to put them on right now.” Hana said enthusiastically as she held up her four bags of costume accessories.


“Woah Hana! Your hair!” Angela was surprised to see Hana's new hair color.


“We match now.” Hana giggled. “When are you putting on your costume?”


“I'll change after I finish setting up for the party.” Angela looked at the clock on the wall, “I am almost done, so another ten minutes or so.”


“Okay, well I'm going to go change now.” Hana smiled at Angela and Lena before turning and heading to her room.


“Me too then, see you back up here!” Lena shouted before racing off to her room.


Lena took about fifteen minutes to change into her costume before she returned to the now empty living room upstairs. It appeared that Angela had finished setting out the snacks and other goodies for the scary movie party.


Hana finally emerged from her room about half an hour later and was wearing a frilly Gothic Lolita dress adorned with pink bows. She had her hair in pigtails along with a pair of black cat ears. She wore black and purple checkered leggings with a pair of black shoes with bows on them that matched her black gloves with bows. Lena looked down the hall and noticed Hana who stopped briefly to wiggle her butt to shake her tail from side to side. Hana was grinning widely as she made her way over to Lena.


“You look adorable Hana!” Lena leapt out of her seat to get a closer look at Hana's costume. “I knew I saw a tail.”


“Thanks Lena, who are you dressed up as?” Hana half tilted her head to the side inspecting Lena's costume.


Lena wore deep blue pants and socks, brown hiking boots and a black shirt with horizontal stripes with the colors of the rainbow. Over her t-shirt she wore a large greyish coat with hood that went down past her knees.


“I'm The Doctor.” Lena announced as she placed her hands on her hips.


“You know, if you want to dress up as a doctor, Angela could probably help you out with that.” Hana was feigning ignorance to who the Doctor was. “I'm sure you could have borrowed a lab coat and a stethoscope from her.”


“I'm not A doctor, I'm THE doctor.” Lena spoke defensively. “I'm the thirteenth Doctor to be precise.”


“I know who you are, I'm just trolling you.” Hana giggled at how worked up Lena had become.


“You are such a brat, no wonder you get spanked so often.” Lena crossed her arms and smirked at Hana who responded by sticking her tongue out at Lena.


“Do you know what movies we are going to watch?” Hana asked, changing the subject.


“Isabel dug up some old movies from the twentieth century, she claims they are classics.” Lena seemed rather skeptical. “She isn't saying what they are until she puts them on.”


“I can't wait 'til tonight! I'm so excited.” Hana was becoming increasingly energetic and was finding it difficult to stay still. She quickly made her way over to the kitchen window and looked outside. The sun was barely visible on the horizon and Amelie would be revealing her and Isabel's handiwork soon. “Let's go outside watch the trick or treaters and maybe hand out some candy.”


“Good idea!” Lena jumped up from the couch and both of the girls went outside to the front gate with a large bowl of candy.


As Lena and Hana reached the front gate, they could see some children approaching half a block away. Both Lena and Hana failed to notice Amelie and Isabel creep out from behind the sheets and stand behind them.


“Boo!” Both Amelie and Isabel shouted as they each grabbed onto Hana and Lena.


“AAHH!” Lena and Hana both screamed and jumped in surprise with Hana almost dropping the bowl of candies onto the ground below. Both Isabel and Amelie started to laugh at their easy prey.


“Jumpy much?” Isabel teased Hana and Lena whose hearts were now racing.


“We'll get you back for that!” Lena threatened Isabel. Hana grabbed a candy from the bowl and threw it at Isabel. It connected with her, square in the forehead making Hana giggle.


“Oww, hey!” Isabel rubbed her forehead.


“That's what you get for scaring me!” Hana said with a smirk, she was impressed with herself after her candy hit exactly where she was aiming.


“I think it's time to let everyone see the yard now.” Amelie moved towards a pull string hanging from a pole. She wrapped the rope a couple times around her hand and gave it a hard tug. Within seconds the makeshift wall of sheets fell to the ground.


Both Lena and Hana were awestruck. The yard had been transformed into a spider's lair. There were cobwebs everywhere with spiders in them. There were several large spiders with glowing red eyes strategically placed along the path that weaved throughout the yard to the front door. There were even multiple squirming cocoons with muffled whimpering sounds coming from them.


“Wow, you two did a brilliant job with the yard!” Lena finally said after she managed to snap out of her gaze.


“Merci.” Amelie thanked Lena, she was in fact quite proud of her and Isabel's work. Hana attempted to go in and take a closer look but was stopped when Amelie put out her right hand in front of her. “Not yet, you have to wait 'til it's darker.”


“Aww, come on!” Hana quickly put the bowl of candies on the ground and then she clasped her hands in front of her, “Please?”


“No. It will be better when it is darker outside.” Isabel side stepped to block Hana. “You can check it out in an hour or so when it is completely dark out.”


Hana took in a deep breath, “Fine.”


“Don't worry Hana, we can pass the time by handing out candy to the kids.” Lena consoled Hana.


“Don't even try going through earlier. We'll know.” Amelie smirked at Isabel who returned the smirk. “We're going inside to get changed.”


“Oh, I almost forgot.” Isabel grabbed a small sign and hung it outside the gate. “When you two are done handing out candy, put the bowl under the sign.”


On the sign was written: “Enter the spider's lair if you dare. The reward is worth the risk. Only two may enter at a time.” There was a picture of a bowl of full sized chocolate bars. Further down on the sign another line read: “Not intended for young children or those with a weak heart. Down below are candies for those who do not wish to enter. Please only take a couple so that everyone can have some candy.”


Amelie and Isabel left Lena and Hana at the gate to hand out candy while they went inside to change into their Halloween costumes. Within a few minutes, the first set of trick or treaters approached Hana and Lena.


“Trick or Treat!” A pair of little girls dressed in a fairy princess costumes spoke loudly and held out her pillowcases with a few treats in them already.


“Here you go.” Hana smiled sweetly at the child as she dropped a small handful of mini chocolate bars into each of their bags. The little girls thanked Hana before trotting off to the next house.


A boy about seven years old wearing a super hero costume came charging up to the girls and noticed the sign with the full size chocolate bars on it.


“I want the full sized candy!” The young boy shouted as he took a couple steps towards the entrance to the “Spider's Lair” before Hana stepped in front of him.


“You might be a little too young to be going in there.” Hana warned the child.


“I'm not afraid!” The little boy shouted and gave Hana a sharp kick to her shin and ran inside.


“Oww!” Hana squeaked out. “Why you little-” Lena grabbed Hana and prevented her from chasing after the child. She pointed across the street to who she thought might be the child's mother.


“Be careful, you don't want to get in trouble with the kid's parents.” Lena cautioned Hana.


A loud scream sounded from just past the gates and the little boy came running out to his mother crying and pointing back to the yard.


“Hahaha, that's what you get, you little brat!” Hana shouted across the street, she was quite satisfied with the turn of events.


“Hana, be nice!” Lena shook her head at Hana.


“What? The little brat kicked me. He got what he deserved.” Hana was unremorseful, and rubbed her shin.


“Relax he's gone now.” Lena took the bowl of candies from Hana. “My turn to hand some candy out.”


A brother and sister duo dressed up as Batman and Batgirl ran up to Lena. They looked like they were about ten or eleven.


Both of them, almost in unison, spoke the magical phrase. “Trick or Treat.”


“Here you go, loves.” Lena smiled as she handed each of them a handful of treats. Both children thanked Lena, then the brother pointed at the sign.


“Can we go and get a full sized treat?” The little Batman asked.


“I don't know, you have to be pretty brave to want to go in there.” Lena gently goaded the boy.


“I'm not afraid of spiders!” The boy shouted, his sister was apprehensive though. “Come on! I'll protect you!” The boy grabbed his sister by the wrist and tugged her past the front gate.


A few seconds into the labyrinth of webs and spiders, a pair of screams could be heard. There was a long period of silence before the siblings both screamed once again. After a couple minutes the children emerged from the front gate.


“So how was it in there? Was it scary?” Lena asked as she bent over with her hands on her knees.


“Yeah and I HATE spiders!” The little Batgirl shouted.


“That was awesome! The Batman grinned ear to ear. Each of the kids inspected their loot before they ran off to the next house.


“Now I really want to go through and have a look.” Hana looked over her right shoulder through the gate.


“I think you should wait a bit longer, Amelie is probably watching.” Lena advised Hana, acting as a voice of reason.


“Ugh, I hate waiting.” Hana whined as she began fidgeting with one of the bows on her dress.


“Oh quit complaining! This is fun too. Look at how happy all the kids are running around.” Lena gestured to all the children in the area.


“I know, I just want to see too.” Hana pouted.


“Your turn!” Lena smirked at Hana as she shoved the bowl of candies into her midsection. “Cheer up, you can see the 'Spider's Lair' soon enough.”


After about a dozen more children had come and gone from the house, several of which braved the spidery labyrinth, Hana decided she had enough waiting and handed the bowl back to Lena.


“I think it's dark enough, I'm going in!” Hana spun around and started to walk towards the entrance to the lair.


“Hey! Wait for me!” Lena quickly placed the bowl of candies on the ground and caught up with Hana.


Lena hooked her arm through Hana's left arm and the pair entered the dark path. Both girls looked at one another and grinned excitedly before they started to carefully navigate the narrow path. They could hear the faint sounds of spiders skittering around them as they moved forward. Up ahead they could see the red eyes of a larger spider and it began to chatter its mandibles together. As the pair neared the spider they noticed several writhing cocoons on either side of them. As soon as Hana and Lena stepped within a few feet of the spider, it lunged at them, stopping about a foot away from them.


“AAHHHHHH!” Both girls screamed loudly and fell to the ground landing on their bottoms. As Hana was getting back to her feet, she noticed a bag of goodies that one of the children had dropped and didn't return for.


“I hope this was the bag of that little brat that kicked me.” Hana whispered to Lena as she helped her up.


“That's mean...but I hope so too.” Lena giggled. “This place is so creepy!”


“Yeah, I know. My heart is racing.” Hana wrapped her arm through Lena's and they resumed their slow pace through the webbed yard.


Both Hana and Lena had to duck under some low cobwebs to proceed further. As they ducked beneath the web, a large spider descended from the tree directly in front of them and hissed. Both the girls jumped and screamed again. They were beginning to understand why everyone was screaming so much when they made their way through the yard. They came around a corner and they could finally see the front entrance to the house now. Suddenly the sounds of several large spiders skittering could be heard behind them. When they turned to look, they saw several sets of glowing red eyes charging towards them. Both Hana and Lena ran to the front of the house as fast as they could. The front door was open and a section of the foyer was closed off from the rest of the house with black sheets covering the walls and ceiling above. More cobwebs covered the walls around them. There was a red light above that made the room glow. Before Hana and Lena, they could see a pair of silhouettes, one on the left had glowing red eyes and the other they couldn't quite make out yet. The shadowy forms stood up and moved towards Hana and Lena.


“Welcome to my parlor.” Amelie said as she deactivated her headset to reveal her face. She was dressed up in a black and purple form fitting spider queen costume with a deep V neck. “You shouldn't be in here yet, what do you have to say for yourselves?”


“Ummm... Trick or Treat?” Hana said sheepishly as she clung to Lena's arm.


“Trick!” Isabel dressed as Frankenstein's bride moved forward and cut a string to her left causing a large web to fall from above to entrap Lena and Hana.


“Hey! Let us out!” Both Hana and Lena struggled against the webbing trying to find a way to get it off of them.


“You know, you both are a little old to be trick or treating.” Amelie taunted the two distressed girls. Both Amelie and Isabel started laughing at the hapless duo caught in their little trap.


“Hey! This isn’t funny!” Lena shouted angrily.


“I beg to differ.” Isabel replied while giggling. Isabel looked over to Amelie who was smirking.


“Alright, so you tricked us, now let us out.” Lena’s tone was quite irritated still.


“Please let us out.” Hana pleaded with Amelie but she knew it was futile.


“Well Hana, you are a naughty kitty after all in constant need to be punished.” Isabel opened up the side of the webbing and grabbed Hana by the wrist and dragged her over to a pair of chairs that sat against the wall.


Amelie moved beside Lena and leaned in and whispered into her ear, “Your ass is mine, Doctor.”


“Aww, come on. It was plenty dark out enough already.” Lena protested, in a feeble attempt to reason with Amelie.


“Makes no difference, it’s time for a spanking that your future self will be feeling for a couple days.” Amelie teased Lena as she moved the webbing to around Lena’s waist and forced Lena against the wall.


Isabel moved both the chairs near one another before forcing Hana onto them with one knee on the left chair and her right knee on the right one. Isabel then put her right hand on Hana’s back and pushed her against the back of the chair.


“Stick your butt out, you little brat cat.” Isabel raised Hana’s dress to her waist with it being prevented going up any further by her tail. Hana’s pink panty covered bottom was on display for anyone to see. Luckily for Hana, the room was poorly lit and far enough from the road that no one outside the room could see her.


Hana reluctantly complied with Isabel’s orders hoping that she would go easier on her for behaving. Hana was starting to feel nervous and embarrassed with having her bottom presented for Isabel.


Amelie grabbed the bottom of Lena’s long jacket and raised it to above her waist. “Hold your jacket up, and don’t let it fall down.”


“We didn’t even do anything wrong.” Lena whined.


“Je sais.” Amelie smirked at Lena while groping Lena’s right buttock. “It’s just part of our trick.”


“The real trick is turning a white bottom into a rosy bottom.” Isabel laughed as she gave Hana a light swat to her right buttock causing Hana to flinch. Hana let out a deep exhale in preparation for what was to come. She had been in this position far too many times and already knew the drill. The more she resisted, the longer and more painful the spanking.


Isabel lightly smacked Hana’s bottom a few times before giving her a hard swat to her left butt cheek, where it jiggled briefly.


“Oww!” Hana yelped, the swat stung her pert little bottom. Isabel couldn’t help but smile at such a cute target before her.


Amelie grab each side of Lena’s pants and tugged them down exposing Lena’s white panties before giving her a sharp smack to her firm left buttock.


“Nngh!” Lena winced but held her position.


Isabel gave Hana another spank to the sit spot of her right buttock sending a ripple upwards across her bottom. Hana maintained her composure. Isabel matched her previous swat but mirrored it on her other butt cheek.


Amelie started to alternate spanks on Lena’s firm bottom making sure to spank a new location after each stroke. First spanking high on the right cheek, then low on the left, then low on the right. Amelie wanted to make sure she did a thorough job of working over Lena's eye catching derriere.


“Ahh!” Lena whimpered after a particularly hard swat that caught her off guard.


The sounds of each of the girls being spanked could easily be heard across the street. Luckily for Hana and Lena, there wasn't anyone passing by close enough to realize it was a spanking in progress.


Hana continued to receive multiple spanks to her little bottom turning it a light pink, just a shade lighter than her panties. She was having a difficult time staying in position now and started to twist her hips from side to side in an attempt to protect herself but Isabel easily continued spanking each of her buttocks.


“You know Isabel, it's really hard to tell in this light what color their butts are.” Amelie turned to briefly watch Isabel spank Hana. “I think it's time to drop their panties.”


“Oooh, I like how you think.” Isabel turned to watch Amelie for a moment. Amelie slid her fingers beneath Lena's panties along the hips and slowly pulled them down to her ankles. Lena felt her face flush, she was quite embarrassed after being exposed. Isabel turned to Hana and grabbed her panties and pulled them down just past her sit spot. Since her legs were spread slightly they wouldn't go any further down her thighs. Hana blushed with humiliation.


“You know, Hana, you have a pretty cute tail. It would have been more fun if it was attached in a different way though.” Isabel grinned slyly as she moved her fingers across Hana's left buttock towards her anus. Hana's eyes opened widely and her body went stiff briefly before she twisted her hips to the right.


“Noo!” Hana cried out, she was mortified of Isabel's idea.


Isabel chuckled and pulled her hand away from Hana and gave her a hard smack to her left butt cheek. “Don't worry, we'll save that for another time.”


“Owwa!” Hana whimpered, her bottom was becoming quite sore. Isabel started to spank Hana even harder and faster, alternating cheeks.


Lena rocked forward on the balls of her feet from Amelie's latest barrage of hard spanks. Amelie was making sure to give extra attention to Lena's sit spots and gave each five hard spanks in a row before swapping to her other buttock.


“Ow! Oww! OWW!” Lena yelped and hollered as her bottom was getting smacked. She was struggling with the pain and began clenching her bottom.


Both Isabel and Amelie stopped spanking each of their victims, sensing that both of them were on the verge of crying. They didn't intend on giving the girls harsh spankings and just wanted to toy with them.


“Alright you two, we are done spanking you for now but our trick isn't quite finished.” Amelie smirked wickedly as she took a step back to admire her handiwork of Lena's crimson bottom. Both Hana and Lena let out a sigh of relief but were still worried about what else they had in store for them.


Isabel helped Hana down off the chairs and escorted her in front of the wall opposite the doorway. Amelie removed the webbing from Lena and walked her over to the wall to Hana's right. Both Hana and Lena's bottoms glowed red, even more so with the red light above them. Isabel grabbed some webbing and started to cocoon Hana from the shoulders down, making sure not to cover her bottom or her tail. Amelie was about to do the same to Lena but Lena attempted to stop Amelie.


“Come on, haven't you two done enough to us already!?” Lena protested, she was quite upset already.


Amelie gave Lena a hard spank across the middle of her bottom, causing her to arch her back and bottom away from Amelie. “Either I get to cocoon you or I get to keep spanking you. Choose one.”


It was a terrible choice no matter what for Lena but she opted for the less painful option. “Fine, the webbing then.”


“You two can stay here until the others show up for the party.” Amelie said as she wrapped Lena in the fake spider webbing from the shoulders down and leaving her bottom exposed just like Hana.


“What if someone sees us like this?” Lena asked, still upset with her current predicament.


“Well I guess they get quite the treat then.” Isabel laughed before she and Amelie disappeared behind the black sheet wall into the house.


Hana struggled to try and get her arms free enough to reach behind her and rub her bottom but Isabel did too good of a job wrapping her.


“My butt hurts so bad, I just want to rub it a little bit.” Hana whined and pouted.


“My arse is on fire too. We need to find a way to get back at them for this.” Lena began plotting her revenge. One day, somehow, she would make sure that Amelie and Isabel would be on the receiving end of a punishment for a change.


Amelie returned from behind the curtains and wrapped each of their mouths. “Shh, you two. And Lena, Isabel and I aren't beyond spanking you for the hell of it. Try something, I DARE you.”


Amelie retreated behind the makeshift wall once more. It would be quite some time before some of the party goers would arrive and unfortunately, there were quite a few brave souls to wander into the “Spider's Lair.”

To be continued... Next Halloween...possibly.

Overwatch Spanking Chronicles: Halloween Edition
So this edition of OSC happens outside of the current story line but it could potentially fit into later down the line. Hope you enjoy it. Happy Halloween!
Contains spankings (Shocking I know) FF/FF
So I am having some writers block and issues with my futuristic story (was never fully fleshed out) so I am taking a break from it and decided to do something for Overwatch and Halloween but could use some help. What are some Halloween costume ideas for Tracer and
Looks like the Futuristic story takes the cake! Once I get some free time, I'll start writing the story.
Hey All,

So I feel like there seems to be a lack of interest in my stories based off the amount of people commenting on them. It feels like I am writing these stories for a handful of people only which is making me lose interest in writing. Your comments are what fuel my writing and make me want to continue the stories. I have a few chapter ideas planned for the Overwatch story and a second chapter for the Monster Hunter one but the lack of feedback is turning my interest away from writing. So in an effort to get back into writing again I was hoping for some input from you guys. I do like interacting with my readers so if you have any questions or comments, please comment or send me a note.

Where did you read my story? DA, AOTK, Ao3?
What do you think of my writing in general?
What areas do you think need work?
Do you want to see more non Overwatch stories or focus more on it?

Now that there are eight chapters for the Overwatch Spanking Chronicles:
Which chapter is your favorite and why?
Which chapter is your least favorite and why?
Do you like the direction the story is going? Explain.
Is there a pairing or scenario that you are hoping to see?

I hope to hear from you guys, in the meantime, I'm off to play some Battletech.




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