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Sa|Celeste by LoneWolf0223 Sa|Celeste by LoneWolf0223


METHOD: Skype, Discord Preferred
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NAME: Celeste
GENDER: Cis Female
AGE: 23
VOICE: Blake Lively
HERD: WarForged
RANK: Travelling Merchant


HEIGHT: 16.1 hh
BREED: Arabian Mix
COLOR: ???
ACCESSORIES: 1 Blue feather given to her by her husband


Independent (Pos)
Cess doesn't like to depend on anyone for anything. She feels that most everyone will ultimately lead to disappointment.
It's difficult for Cess to give up on her wants for the sake of others.
 She's figured out how to take care of herself. With being a travelling merchant, she needs to be able to get through any obstacle. Of course, she's still learning.
She finds it hard to believe that anyone could be truly kind. She's constantly wondering what other equine's ulterior motives are.
Celeste knows what she wants in life, and her dreams are big. She will constantly daydream about acceptable ways for her life to turn out.
See also: STUBBORN. This girl is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to her opinions and ways of living. Convincing her otherwise is not an easy task.


  Celeste’s entrance into the world had been highly anticipated, as her mother was incredibly excited to have a daughter to raise. Her father was equally excited, and quick to show off his new, adorable baby girl. Luckily, her mother had been able to stay close to the house with her younger daughter, cleaning and canning the crops her father brought up to the house. Once she started to be able to keep up with her mother on farther distances, she was allowed to follow her mother out onto the farm while she worked.
As the filly grew up, she began to spend less and less time learning to work the farm with her mother, and more time was dedicated to learning domestic tasks and crafting things to sell. Unknown to Celeste, her mother had made a pact with her own best friend when they were younger. The two mares had decided in their own teenage years to raise their children as friends. However, once it had been discovered that one beared a colt, while the other beared a filly, the title of friends got shifted a bit.

Once Celeste figured this out, she wasn’t happy about it at all. She had already begun to get her stubborn, independent streak at a young age and was determined to let nothing stand in her way. Much less some colt-

However, she wasn’t in a position to deny the marriage, so she continued to go through with the lessons and meetings with her betrothed.

In her free time, Celeste learned as much about different crafts as she could. Of course, most of her other time was spent dedicated to helping her parents, going through her mother’s lessons, or meeting with Iden.

Eventually, the two decided to take a small camping trip together. The young mare had been wanting to get out of her mother’s house desperately, so this was a perfect opportunity. The two made their way south, finding a place to camp close to the sea. Spending so much time with one equine… Celeste soon found it difficult to deny the fact she liked Iden, considering they had spent so much time together without the pressure to get together.

All things considered, it wasn’t long before they became a thing, and decided to try a relationship; much to their mothers’ delight. Now, they stay together and work on their respective jobs until they feel ready to push for marriage.


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