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My Bio
My name is Itami Shikura. I see no evil, hear no evil. Yet, it is everywhere. MY task is simple. Anyone worth a rupee is an easy target for me. Dispatch them swiftly, get my pay, eat my bread.

I grew up in a lively village known as Kakariko. They won't remember my name. I live nowhere. I travel everywhere. We aren't friends, and chances are, I don't or won't like you.

My Katana has a name. Her name is Isolde. My horse has a name. His name is Bregor. Disrespect either of them, and you'll have me to deal with. I won't travel with you. I won't trade with you unless you have something I want, not the other way around. I mind my business. You mind yours.

I am the cloaked figure watching you from the distance. I am the presence that you feel behind you when you turn out the lights. Whether I am hostile towards you or not depends on what you have done, not who you are.

It depends on if you're worth the rupees.

(( This is my In-character main as well as my Out-of-character main account. I will use it for both of those reasons. Anything OOC will be in double brackets like this. ))

:bulletpink:Mmmm yes:bulletpink:
:iconallthememesplz: ALL the prostitutes!

Aredhel the Traveling Healer
Behlhod the Dwarven Warhero
Shantae the Wanderer

Twilight Princess Zelda



Other Accounts:

Accounts I don't use:
:iconlight-mage-aredhel: :icondwarven-warhero: :iconxxxspartaxxx: :iconsword-sister:

Favourite Movies
Avatar, Lord of the rings, Harry Potter
Favourite Games
Battlefield 3, Team Fortress 2, Left 4 Dead, Company of Heroes, Resistance and Liberation, World of Warcraft, League of Legends
Favourite Gaming Platform
PC. That's a given.
Tools of the Trade
The tools I trade with!
Other Interests
yo momma

The End.

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D- Damn.. I had s-.. So much going for me. Even Itami's thoughts are struggled as he falls to his knees, hands clutching at the piercing pain in his gut. His hands shake as heavily as his breath. Slowly, his eyes avert their gaze form his opponent and towards his abdomen. A large blade piercing his clothes and flesh. The hilt of the blade protrudes from his body and a pool of crimson quickly forms a stain on his shirt. Visibly trembling, Itami looks back up to his masked opponent. Hooded, face and body hidden, Itami falls victim to the mysterious killer. Such wanton death even in such a beautiful land. So much potential falling waste to the
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Ranting casually.

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So, have I ever mentioned how much I bloody HATE CRIT ROCKETS?! >:C Like, I'm a scout, right, and just running around, blastin mofos like I do. then suddenly a sparkly colored rocket lands nearby and I die. I don't just die. Giblets all over the damn place and I asplode. The second worst thing to that is W+M1 pyros! GET A BETTER CLASS! D:< Hold your W key down. Then hold your Mouse 1 down. Instant pyro. Soldier and pyro too OP pls nerf. Edit: I've been re-reading many of my journals. I used to be pretty damn emotional sometimes. Wat.
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Wowowowow wow wow wow wow wow. Wow.

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/* So, like. I have had almost NOBODY to talk to lately. Aside from my girlfriend and my friend Ian. My girlfriend is wonderful, but I'm trying to give her space. you know, wiggle room. Space to think. not invading her PERSONAL BUBBLE, like I felt like I was doing for soo goddamn long. Ian is awesome too, but I feel like I'm just pissing him off with my constant presence. Somebody should do something. I am working TWO-HOUR SHIFTS AT WORK. This means, I am working almost no hours and have too much free time. So, fellow watchers, somebody should help me solve this problem. I'll make it worth your while with laughs, giggles, and free drinks! c
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The Chronicles of Azeroth is back!, you can find it here: blueredor.deviantart.com/ and here:www.fanfiction.net/s/11056611/…
sorry if i gone like...2 years? xD (the real life occupied me), well...the news are i have to like writing once again and i just uploaded a new prologue in a new deviant! (that deviant i will use only to the fanfic, i will leave this for personal use)...and now you can see it on the fanfiction.net!

see ya!
*glomps* happeh burfdaayy~!//shot =w=;;
Hi! I need you little help :) (Smile)
Can you +fav this work Mountain Gates
I participate in art`s competition.
Thanx a lot! I faved you work too! )
Thanks so much for the watch! :meow: