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The Search for Life On Mars

I've always been a fan of 'The War of the Worlds and especially Jeff Wayne's musical version of it.
I thought it would be a good idea to have the NASA Rover looking for life in the rocks whilst in the background there's the wreck of a Martian tripod half buried in the sand.
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Nice. The first thing I wondered though, is that Sprit or Oppy?

I did a pic based on a similar idea, but it's an astronaut who finds the tripod. Great idea though!

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<<It's looking good. It's going good. We're getting great pictures here at NASA Control, Pasadena. The landing-craft touched down on Mars 28 kilometers from the aim-point. We're looking at a remarkable landscape, littered with different kinds of rocks - red, purple... How 'bout that, Bermuda?>>

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OMG this is an amazing piece. Very unique, and great mix of subjects.
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Great idea for a painting, and nice execution as well.
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Holy crap! Amazing!
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Didn't they invade again after we showed up on mars? Still why would we not send an invasion force of our own?
If you read the book, it states the Martians deemed Earth uninhabitable and set there sights elsewhere
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No not the book but the Jeff Wayne's musical they invaded again or at least it was alluded too.
Fantastic work. Love it.  Big fan of War of the Worlds and NASA Rover.
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Nasa scientist: Anything?
Nasa scientist 2: Nope.
Nasa scientist: What about that giant metal thing?
Nasa scientist 2: Thats probably another nazi moonbase.
Nasa scientist: But mars isnt a moon.
Nasa scientist 2:Good point.
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And that, kids, is how Spirit stopped transmitting information.
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people always underestimate how big that rover is, that thing is the size of a damn car!
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but compared to the martian fighting machine the size comparison is very accurate
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Mini Cooper, to be specific. Not sure whether they meant the modern one, or the old one. The modern "MINI" Cooper isn't mini at all.
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Nasa is a dummy for letting robots take control
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"Stupid goddamn conspiracy nuts always have to be right!"
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NASA AGENT 1: Don't be ridiculous, conspiracy theorists, this is just a boulder. I mean, if there are boulders shaped like gorillas, women, and giant faces, I'm sure there could be boulders shaped like Martian Tripods.


NASA AGENT 1: Please ignore the "ulla," that was just a glitch. 

NASA AGENT 2: Sir it appears to be moving irradically!

NASA AGENT 1: Shut it down. Shut it all down.
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I'm gonna assume that that's the shit that went down when Spirit stopped transmitting info.
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