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Norway 89


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beauty of thisWaaaah!  makes me cry I love deviantART! 
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And this is a photograph? Of a real place? My word, it's glorious there.

*yells to mom* MOM? WE'RE MOVING TO NORWAY!!
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Somewhere here live, probably the Scandinavian gods.
How the light breaks through... Amazing.
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I need to travel to norway! Not so far from germany, shouldn't be so expensive. :)
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Is this heaven?
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Wake up in the evening and see this? Incredible!
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what's that Lake called :heart:___:heart:
if.. I may ask
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This is rural Norway in a nutshell! The weather, the mountains, the fjords, the rocky soil which makes it nearly impossible to cultivate, the population density and the boat implies where we work (at sea - oil!)

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:iconveryexcitedplz: | ♥ | Wonderful work .. | ♥ | :iconveryexcitedplz:
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Norge er et så vakkert land :)
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Świetne ujęcie! Od razu do ulubionych! ;)
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What a stunning landscape, you have captured it perfectly. I get a very serene feeling looking at this.
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The lighting makes the whole area look so surreal. Wonderful capture. :)
wow! is these real?!?
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Beautiful, very beautiful.
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Norway is amazingly beautiful.
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