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Iceland 9

Iceland, Skógáfoss

more photos and prints: [link]
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Harika bir olay izlemek guzel

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I love how this is framed; the person adds so much to the sense of scale!
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This is mega cool! :)
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:star: -f-a-n-t-a-s-t-i-c- :star:
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f a n t a s t i c . p l a c e
i . w a s . t h e r e . [link]
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wow this is amazing
esee's avatar
wow...amazing view!!!
AlexMarshall's avatar
Love the scale of this
youngyeller's avatar
breathtaking! this is favorited! <3 amazing job.
alstream's avatar
wow! i just love this pic soooooo much!!! just beautiful :D
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w kolorze byloby lepsze! nie widac teczy!
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Wiesz co, to zdjęcie nie jest czarno białe, tęcza jest tylko odsycona bo drażni mnie jak jest zbyt kolorowa, tak jak tutaj: [link]
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I loved this waterfall... Did you capture the rainbow at the bottom of falls too?
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I can't even imagine the majestic feeling this must have been. the closest i've been is in a mountain pass in the rockies someplace in colorado where on both sides the mountains rose so tall they disappeared into the clouds and i had to lean my head all the way back to even see that. it was electrifying, surreal, just this incredible feeling of power all around me and made me realize my insignificance in this world. so i can only imagine this with the water cascading and crashing and all. this is an awesome pic.
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I love this image.
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very good picture!!!
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your images are so sharp! amazing!
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good shot i have been there hehe i live in Iceland ^^ and i love living there ^^
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I know! Me too. I'm with my amma for the summer right now XD
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