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****SPOOOILERS, DAMMIT!!!  For Jessica Jones (thank you Captain Obvious), and, uh...1984. ****

*Most importantly, someone PLEASE explain to me why Pam is apparently going to jail for what I, Jessica, and most any court could see was SELF-DEFENSE?  And why Jeri went all super-bitch at about the same time, even channeling Kilgrave of all people in absolving herself of responsibility for her ex's death???  ...Though I was hoping it might lead in to a Matt Murdock cameo.  Still I haz teh CONFUUUSED!

*...anyone else read "1984?"  My emotions were kind of similar after finishing both works.  Jessica makes out better than poor Winston, but to me it was more like she "survives" at best rather than "wins."  At the end of the day, Kilgrave is STILL just a myth to most people as best I can tell.  The number of people he's ruined is probably staggering, and without ever being able to PROVE what Kilgrave could do....they're still screwed.

*I'm so pissed at myself's not even a SPOILER really, but reading that "Simpson" was actually "Nuke."  I can imagine how friggin' hard I would have marked out not knowing that, being the rare viewer who LOVES "Born Again" but is too dumb to connect the dots, hearing the iconic words...."GIVE ME A RED."

*It seems like they're reeeally stretching what constitutes a "super hero career."  Saving one little girl from being hit by a cab (albeit in a costume, of sorts :D ) and stumbling across one guy at random and saving him from more of an ass-kicking than he's already gotten?  Unless the show implies that Jess had been doing the vigilante thing for a bit longer and just chose to show this one unlucky night.

*Got no Daredevil or even Matt, but Claire was awesome.  Even MORE awesome considering that unlike in the comics where she is ACTUALLY a Doctor, Claire really is a "Night NURSE."  And a very resourceful one to be able to take care of Luke as she did.

*I was wondering why the heck people weren't mentioning the events of Age of Ultron, especially with the anti-"gifted" vibe in some eps....apparently the series is set before AoU in the Canon.

*Luke was awesome, I loved how he handled himself in the bar fight, definitely a more disciplined fighter as opposed to Jessica's brawling style.  And telling the guy who just tried (and epically failed) to cut his throat that he was drunk, he didn't see what he thought he saw.  I really, REALLY want to see some of the camaraderie between him and Iron Fist (and hopefully Daredevil and Spidey) that I saw in the Bendis/Maleev run in the Daredevil comics.

*David Tennant plays Kilgrave very well.  To put it mildly, he is a VERY BAD man!  I admit to being disappointed that IN THE END (after certain "enhancements" that they didn't go all out with the purple skin.  Hell, we have people in REAL LIFE with gray/blue skin after ingesting too much colloidal silver, and wait'll you see what Kilgrave shoots into himself....

*I got kind of a "Punisher" vibe from where the reserved protagonist finds themselves sharing living space with some very "interesting" characters (the Thomas Jane film and the Welcome Back Frank arc it borrowed from*

ETA  *poke poke*  How the heck do I edit this thing???  *Finds button for StashWriter*  Ahhh.  ....I miss the thing that lets you tell what you're eating, drinking, etc.  I wanna tell people about this hippie soda "Zevia" I'm drinking (pretty good, but I'd trade the vegan/non GMO/Gluten free part for a lower price tag, just keep the Stevia....)
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Was I the only one who thought Jessica could have finished Kilgrave off MUCH faster if it wasn't for her little entourage of friends and Hope? Don't get me wrong, I like Patsy (Trish) and the others. (except the noisy ANNOYING neighbor and Simpson. Simpson pissed me off) But they kind of held Jessica back. Every time Jessica caught  Kilgrave or was on the verge of catching Kilgrave, one of her little crew would do something to mess it up! And was I the only one kinda upset over the fact Jessica wasted all that time NOT killing Kilgrave because she wanted to bust Hope out, just for Hope to KILL HERSELF in the end???

*I don't think they went with the storyline that Jessica was a super hero and went around saving people and had a whole little super hero career before Kilgrave took her. I feel she was about to become one, but Kilgrave kidnapped her before she could. I say that because do you remember the scene were Jessica saves Malcolm from those muggers. She wasn't in costume, not even in disguise like DD. And when Kilgrave spoke to her she said she wanted to use her powers to help people because it makes her feel like she's making a difference. I know the costume scene, I thought it was hilarious, but does this mean no Jewel at all?

*And I agree, wtf with Pam and Jeri? They obviously had a solid case and excuse. Pam could have been out THAT DAY if they would have made up the alibi, 'Jeri and Pam came over to her ex's (name has slipped my mind) house to discuss the divorce. Ex snapped and went crazy trying to kill Jeri, Pam hit her over the head to stop her, accidentally killing her.' She would have been out in minutes!

*Is it me, or does anyone else feel we haven't seen the last of Kilgrave? I know he's "dead" but hmmm.... I just have a feeling he isn't. And I feel those other kid patient experiments Kilgrave's parents were working on, that are probably most definitely "gifted's" now, are going to come back. Perhaps a season 2 storyline??Dealing with the events of Civil War registrations.

I love this show though. Seriously! I'm obsessed with it!
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Hope killing herself was one of the big punches to the gut, I guess a sign that in the "real world," it's not always practical for heroes to have no-kill rules (unless they have a TON of the poster child for no-kill heroes, Batman).  But while on one hand they did screw up a couple of times...if not for Hope's sake, Simpson could have just up and blown Kilgrave's head off as easily as he tranq'd him that time.

I agree, to me it seems like Jess just randomly came upon Malcolm being beaten and intervened, not like she was "on patrol."  I just wonder because SO MUCH of the promo material talks about her "super hero career."  I know she had one in the comics, but the comics =/= the show.  Maybe we'll actually see Jewell in season 2.  Maybe Jess was just taking the night off when Kilgrave came upon her...

I'm kinda glad I'm not the only one bumfoozled by the Pam murder rap thing, but on the other hand I would really like to know...WHYYY???  I'm also kinda curious why Jeri didn't just lie to Pam and tell her, truthfully, Kilgrave ordered her to take him to a Doctor.  Guilt?  Also interesting (and sad) that after everything, Jeri still trusted her (Kilgrave's orders, a doctor she TRUSTS).

Apparently Kilgrave has cheated death in the comics before, I would love to see him back but I kinda understand the whole "cheapening" thing.  I would LOVE to see Ben Urich back too...there was no body that WE saw, witness protection???  But a down on his luck reporter isn't in the same league as the BFF of the Director of SHIELD, so I ain't holding my breath.  And I am PISSED at Marvel after learning that apparently Sony had nothing to do with that, they'd planned it all along to 'push' the Kingpin.


I really, REALLY hope that I'm not the only one who wants to get in Joss Whedon's face and say "still feel like killing of AWESOME characters for the sake of "realism" after we've gotten shows like Daredevil and especially Jessica Jones???"

PS:  In other JJ news....I just unlocked her in the Avengers Alliance Facebook game! Now to farm XP so I can start throwing SWAT vans at fools....XD
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I thought Kilgrave got killed? That's what it says on the wiki.
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Yeah, but the whole reason Jess tried to take him alive for as long as she did was to exonerate Hope for the murder of her parents.  And to do that she'd have to get PROOF of his powers. 

....which they did get on tape, but the cop who witnessed it is dead, and the recording may have gone up in flames anyway.  I mean, when they're trying to go after Jessica for murder over Kilgrave, no mention is made of that recording, just witnesses from the people on the dock and the cops who were "Kilgraved" into fighting and shooting at Jessica, respectively.