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Question 1: Favourite planet looks awesome, and to be honest seeing it the first time made me feel kind of sad that barring some major jump in technology/visit from aliens, I'll never live to see humanity spread out among the stars.

Question 2: Favourite person to talk to in the Tower and the Reef
Eris Morn, especially during the Festival of the Lost.  She's like the "grumpy cat" of the Vanguard :D

Question 3: Favourite Class(Hunter, Titan or Warlock)
Tough one.  Have to have love for my original class, the Hunter.  Titans seem to be IMO the best balanced...great jumping AND able to really wreck shite.

Question 4: Favourite Race (Human, Exo or Awoken)
Awoken and Exo are cool because of their mystery.  For a while I ran around in full VoG armor as my Exo Titan, hoping to freak out other people that think the two races are related...:p

Question 5: Favourite subclass (Bladedancer, Strike and etc.)
Stormcaller...Unlimited POWERRRRRRRRR!!!!!!

Question 6: Favourite mission
Scourge of Winter.  The only thing better than kicking a Kell in the bollocks is doing it in his own throne room!

Question 7: Favourite music in a mission
"End of the Line" from the Sepiks strike, and the aforementioned Scourge of Winter mission.  The first time it refers to YOU, as you're trapped by waves of enemies.  The second time, it refers to the Kell you're going to assassinate!

Question 8: Favourite boss fight
As an Xbox player, I'm finally enjoying both the Undying Mind and the Psion Flayers. 

Question 9: Favourite Strike
Shield Brothers.  "They brought a tank to a gun fight!" 

Question 10: Completed any Raid

I've done Crota's End and Vault of Glass...sadly not done King's Fall yet.

Question 11: Favourite primary type(Handcannon, Scout and etc.)
I really love Handcannons, but Scouts are really all around more versatile IMO. 

Question 12: Favourite special type(Sniper, shotguns and etc)
I suck at sniping, especially at PVP.  Fusion rifles don't do it for me.  I really love shotguns, but as I found out while trying to solo last week's Nightfall (Dust Palace), it sucks to NEED a sniper and not have one on you. :p

Question 13: Favourite heavy type(Machine gun, Rockets and etc)

Question 14: Favourite Exotic Primary

I came to LOVE Bad Juju while needing to get void kills as a Hunter and Solar kills as a Titan for the sword quest in TTK. 

Question 15: Favourite Exotic Secondary
Invective!  It's like a special ammo synth that can blow enemies' heads off.

Question 16: Favourite Exotic Heavy
All hail the fallen king, the GJALLAHORN!

Question 17: Favourite enemy race
May be a cop-out, but the Taken.  So many different powers.  Taken Vandal:  "Oh hell, Guardians!  Quick, pop the bubble, POP THE BUBBLE!"

Question 18: Least favourite enemy type

...though Taken Psions are PAINS IN THE ASS with their constant replicating!

Question 19: Pro-Crucible or Anti-Crucible
I...enjoy it.  But I don't really like HAVING to do it for certain quests.  And, fuck Trials of Osiris.

Question 20: Favourite Tower Faction(Dead Orbit, Future war cult and etc.)
...the one I agree with most is FWC.  IMO, you can't run from the Darkness forever (D.O.) and rebuilding the golden age needs to wait until we're not facing imminent extinction (N.M.).  Too bad their color scheme is bleh. ;)

Question 21: Favourite DLC so far
The Taken King really ramped it up in the "story" department big-time.

Question 22: Do you want space battles
I didn't think about it as much till TTKs opening, YES!

Question 23: Current piece of equipped exotic armor
Um....nothing on Hunter (SRL gear)
...nor Titan.
OR my Warlock ATM!  :o  I've got on my highest Light gear for decoding engrams ATM.  With the neato high light SRL gear, I've been deleting some of my Y1 exotics that have been upgraded with Y2 versions to make room...

Question 24: Favourite Exotic Weapon of all time

Icebreaker was the SHIZ, especially if you're into soloing things.  In Y1 I had one on each char (Xurned my first then kept two drops).

Question 25: Favourite Exotic Armor of all time
Knucklehead handy in so many situations.

Question 26: Favourite Element(Void, Solar, Arc)

Question 27: Favourite Class Item(Bond, mark, cloak)
All of the preorder premium class items were cool, but ESPECIALLY the Titan's - you actually have the Hammer of Sol strapped to your side!  I'm really disappointed we can't upgrade them to Year 2 values....

Question 28: When you got the game
Probably about 3 months after release.

Question 29: What was your favourite part about the game
Fooling around online with my friends...getting REKT by the whatchamacallit of Crota in the dark room on the way to the Skywatch, one guy having to go AFK in the Summoning Pits strike, but riding his Sparrow all the way down to Phogoth's room and smacking the sum'bitch right in the face with it when he returned...:D :D :D

Question 30: Will you play Destiny for the next 10 years
Possibly.  I'm liking the increasing focus on story.  I'm not thrilled with all the "time gate" stuff (Sleeper Simulant, NTTE).  I freakin LOVE SRL.  Overall I think things are looking good!
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