WNCGB: 'Bad Moon Rising'

Deviation Actions


Literature Text


Among the sparse interstate traffic on this fall morning, was an old black Impala, speeding northward.  Inside were two brothers, young men, but men who have seen more terrible and unbelievable things in their lives than many who are far more aged than they...

The older of the two reached over to the radio, turning down the song currently playing ('Wanted Dead or Alive by Bon Jovi, appropriately) and glanced at his brother.  "All right, Sammy - let's have the 'cliff's notes' on what we're about to step in."

The other young man obliged, flipping open his laptop to access his notes.  "One of Dad's old hunter buddies up in the mountains of western North Carolina, Paul Snow, has good reason to think that a Demon's on the loose up there.  Unfortunately, by "old" I mean old.  He's still a pretty tough guy, but he knows his limitations.  His demon-dusting days are behind him.  But he's still as keen as ever, and he's almost sure this is a sort of a "parasite" demon."

"It gets stronger by sucking the life out of people?"

"No, actually - it gets stronger by absorbing the essences of other supernatural beings.  I guess it's a form of demons, ghosts, vampires, whatever - having their own natural predators.  Now, usually these things take a long time to get to full power.  After all, supernatural beings generally aren't found around every corner.  But there's a problem in this case.  There's a Ghostbusters office in the area."

Dean Winchester let out a curse.  "Ah, great.  Last thing we need is a run-in with those self-righteous sons of..."

Sam cut him off.  "It's not the Ghostbusters that are the big problem.  Especially not this one, he seems to take kind of a live-and-let-live attitude with Hunters like us."

Dean cocked an eyebrow.  "Aaaaand - you know this - how?"

Sam looked a little sheepish, turning the laptop to where Dean could steal a glance at it.  "I, er, hacked into their company message board..."

Dean rolled his eyes.  "So, you read it on the internet.  That makes me feel better..."

"It was a discussion on recruiting people for their Internal Affairs Division.  Our name got dropped by that shaggy Ghostbuster guy we ran across earlier this year."

"Roswell?!"  Dean laughed.  "Man, that was a pretty good fight.  I bet his child-rearing days are behind him now."  Though even as he said that, he unconsciously rubbed his nose.  "What was he saying?"

"He knows about the Gate opening in Wyoming.  He knows we're responsible....and now, it's on the internet."

"S**T!  Sammy - Sam - tell me that hacking into that board required computer skills that only you and Bill Gates have...."

"Fraid not, Dean.  God bless the information age.  Well - anyway, the guy in NC is named Kyle Peterson.  He's also a pharmacist.  Usually his place isn't all that busy with supernatural activity.  BUT, he's got a kind of 'containment unit' on site that can hold....I dunno, a few dozen thousand ghosts?  I kind of doubt he's got near that many in it, but If our demon manages to get access to what he does have....

"Be like Popeye eating a whole case of spinach - but worse?"

"Yeah.  You know, Paul actually called this Peterson guy about this demon.  But from what Paul said, the Ghostbuster couldn't find any solid traces of it.  From what I know about their equipment, they have electronics that can trace psychokinetic energy..."

"Feh, probably need machines to chew their food for them too...."

"Apparently some demons can actually 'mask' their P.K.E. presence to a degree.  Can't really vanish completely, but they can fade down to a kind of 'background level.'  Most Ghostbuster franchises have databases of local P.K.E. activity in real-time.  If we can see his, maybe we can get a lead on the demon.  At least have a starting point to leave some sort of trap for it."

"Well, make it so, cap'n."

"Not that easy, Dean.  Actual Ghostbuster operational systems are locked up behind systems that make the Pentagon seem like an open door.  I think that our best bet would be to just go to him and ask him for the data."

Dean nodded.  "Yeah, yeah that might work.  But, I think I would like to offer an alternate proposal..."


The two Winchesters ducked behind the bank of the creek across the road from the Western NC Ghostbusters' firehouse headquarters as a Harley roared out of it and into the night.  The lights went out inside as the door rolled down.  Dean let out a low whistle of admiration.  "Killer bike!"

"Come on, Dean, let's get this over with" Sam grumbled as they climbed out into the road and quietly made their way to the side entrance of the firehouse.  "Couldn't we have resorted to Breaking and Entering AFTER he told us "no?"  If he even did?!"

"Not if that "no" came with a "now hold still while I call the Feds on you," we couldn't.  Sorry Sam, not a chance we can afford to take at the moment."

The two worked very carefully, as the security system to the building was up there with the most advanced setups they had ever seen before.  Eventually the door opened up, and the two snuck inside and made their way to the telltale glow of a computer monitor that was sitting on what must be the reception desk.

"Jackpot!" Sam whispered as he settled into a chair behind the desk.

"Deviant Art?" Dean wondered at the website pulled up, as his brother closed it out and began to pull up the menu of options.

Sam had just put in a search for "PKE" when both brothers heard the unmistakable sound of a pistol's slide being racked.  A soft voice with a hint of Southern drawl came from behind them, saying "That'll be about enough of THAT, boys.  Turn around slow, and keep your hands where I can see 'em!"

The two turned and saw a somewhat ticked-off looking man holding a Glock 19 on them.  He was about 6 feet tall, kind of big, and was wearing a tan flightsuit with the name PETERSON on the left side of his chest.  His piercing blue eyes took in both of them as he asked "Now, would you care to explain what you think you're doing here?"

Dean gulped, and tried to look innocent.  "Doctor Peterson, I presume.  I assure you this is all on-the-level.  My name is Agent Edward Van Halen, and this is my partner Agent Fredrick Mercury.  S.B.I.  We have warrants..." Dean started to reach inside his jacket, but stopped when Kyle leveled the Glock at him.  Dean stared down the barrel of the gun, then suddenly jerked his attention to something behind Kyle.

"Wha..."  Kyle fell for it and turned to look.  When he turned back around, he was starting at the business end of a chromed Beretta 92 with pearl handles, and a Colt 1911 .45 automatic with the same color scheme, in the hands of Sam and Dean respectively.

"Dang," Kyle said with genuine admiration.  "Those are some SWEET looking heaters, guys.  I.....GHOOOOST!!!"  The last line was said in a terrifed scream as Kyle looked up.  The Winchesters quickly turned to see what it was - but turned around again to see that Kyle had managed to trick them!  Now he had his Glock on Dean, and a tiny Kel-Tec P3AT pointed at Sam's head.

"Silly Winchesters - I ain't afraid of no ghost!"  Kyle smirked triumphantly at the two intruders.

"Whoa now," Sam protested.  "Mister, I know this looks bad, but you've got us confused with someone else.  Look, this is just a 'Mexican standoff' here..."

"Not for long," Kyle interrupted.  The next sound was a loud 'crack' and Dean felt an incredible pain between his shoulder blades as he went facedown on the floor - dropping his gun.  He rolled over and (between the stars) managed to make out the form of a brunette girl with glasses aiming a big crossbow with some kind of rotary magazine at his face - she had just hit him with the butt of the weapon.  He glanced over and saw that Kyle now had both of his guns on Sam.

Sam slowly laid down his Beretta and looked Kyle in the eyes.  "Look, we ARE ghost hunters, but we're not these 'Winchesters' you're talking about.

"Is that so," Kyle said.  "Using rock stars as aliases, carrying chromed a chrome 92 and 1911 - and I'll bet dollars to doughnuts those are both loaded with silver bullets."

"This one sure looks like Dean," Kerrie (the girl with the crossbow) said.  "Er, not that I've studied the pictures....a lot...."

Kyle nodded.  "Yeah, I read all about you guys, after my buddy Cliff Roswell kicked the living snot out of the two of you a while back..."

Before a still-dazed Dean could stop himself, he blurted out, "Hey, that shaggy slob GOT more than he  Crap."

Kyle grinned in triumph, but still didn't take his guns off Sam.  "All right, let's dispense with the 'Caca de toro' and you tell me two things - what you're doing in my computer, and why I shouldn't call the cops.

Sam answered him.  "The old man, Paul Snow.  Called you on a demon.  You couldn't find one"  Kyle nodded.  "Well, it's here.  Everyone in this area is in danger as long as it's loose. Snow knows what he's talking about.  He used to be a Hunter like us."

Kyle relaxed a little, returning the Kel-Tec to his left pocket and taking the Glock off of Sam - but still keeping it in hand.  He motioned to Kerrie, and she backed off and let Dean sit up and rub his back.  "I'd heard things about him," Kyle said.  "I always thought they were just rumors, mountain folklore and the like.  So.  Demon...?"

"A parasite-demon," Dean groaned from the floor.  He took a long look at Kerrie, who was still eying him a bit warily, and couldn't help but smile.  "Glasses and a crossbow...I gotta say, that combo really works for you."  Kyle cleared his throat loudly, but Kerrie just smiled a bit.

"Right, it gets stronger by absorbing energy - PKE, if you will - from other supernatural beings.  It must not be very strong now, but if it were to get to your containment unit...."

"Or," Dean added, "If it sucks up enough energy from the upcoming Halloween spike...."

"That would be bad, I guess."  Kyle said.  He eyed the two of them warily, but laid his Glock down on the table and motioned for Sam to pick up his own gun.  "Well....well, well.  It just so happens that I'm buggered by some odd, low-level PKE readings around here lately, too frequent to really be just background energy."  He stepped up to the computer, and in a moment had an animated radar-like image up of the local area showing flashes of light for PKE readings.  While there were a few small yellows and reds for bigger spikes, there were more white flashes for lower-level readings.  "What you were looking for?" He asked Sam.  Sam nodded and sat down to study the readings.

Kerrie had put down her crossbow and helped Dean up.  Kyle stepped over to them and offered his hand to Dean.  He accepted, and they shook.  "Dean Winchester - Doctor Kyle Peterson, Western NC Ghostbusters.  This is Kerrie, my slash-secretary-slash-researcher-slash-security system..."

"...slash general 'go-fer'" she finished with a smile to Dean.

Dean grinned back, though he still winced as he rubbed a sore area on his backbone.  "You know, they say behind every good man is a great go-fer.  So..." he looked at Kerrie and at Kyle.  "Are you two...."

Kyle and Kerrie looked at each other blankly, then their eyes went wide as they realized what Dean was asking.  "COUSINS!" they yelled at the same time.

Dean broke out into a grin.  "Good!"

Kerrie blushed a bit, but Kyle cleared his throat again and started rapping his fingers on the slide of his Glock on the desk.

"Er," Dean continued, "I mean good that you two have each other as family.  Family is real important, right Sammy?"  Sam just rolled his eyes as he continued to study the screen.  "Say - if you're here, who was on that bad-a** bike?"

"That'd be my brother, Kevin." Kyle answered.  I may stick the proverbial middle finger to the forces of darkness every day, but I still can't get up the nerve to ride a bike."

"And yet," Sam couldn't help but add with a smile, "You're willing to work with two wanted fugitives?"

"Well - I sorta think you're being railroaded.  Given that you didn't shoot me when you had a chance, I figure that the Feds are making you into bigger "boogeymen" than you really are - right?"

"....for the most part," Sam said, a little uncomfortably.

Dean thought it best to change the subject, lest Kyle start to change his mind about calling the cops.  "So, this a one-man outfit?"

"Not quite.  Another Pharmacist, Deven, helps me out a bit.  And there's yet another pharmacist that's worked with me before, Louis Greco.  He's sort of an international field agent.  Deven's actually over in Italy right now, meeting him to come back here to work for Halloween.  ...Which is probably good, they might have more reservations about working with you two.  I think you'll understand if I keep this case "quiet."

Dean nodded.  "Quiet" works for us."  He looked around the firehouse for a bit, and whistled.  "Boy, it must be good.  Kicking the undead in the teeth, not having to dodge the cops....even getting paid for it."  He walked over to the ECTO-WNC, and ran a hand over the front lightbar.  "Hell, you even get lights and sirens!"

Sam looked up from the computer long enough to shake his head at Dean.  "I've told you Dean, we don't need a siren...."

"It's a good way to make a living," Kyle said with a nod.  "You know.....G.B.I. could probably use two talented guys like you..."

Dean shook his head.  "Thats just IT, though.  This is more than a job to us, its a...a..."

"Vendetta?"  Kerrie asked.  "Not that that's a bad thing - we know what happened to your mom, and then your dad died trying to find the demon that killed her..."

Both Winchesters looked pained, at the bad memories that brought up, but Dean continued.  "Sure, a vendetta.  But it's not like you Ghostbusters don't do good work and all, but....well, come on.  You're in it for the money.  It's just a job, right?"

Kyle looked indignant.  "Hey now...just because I get paid for this, don't go thinking that It's 'just a job.'  I've taken a lump or two in the process too!"

"Hah, like what?"  Dean crossed his arms and stared at the Ghostbuster.

"In case you didn't notice, a lot of people don't believe in ghosts - even the big stuff, like Gozer's two appearances, the "sheeple" chalk up to mass hallucinations, government nerve gas, all of that.  I'm like a pariah to most people around here, they either think I'm a kook or a devil worshipper or some crap."  Kyle matched Dean's stare.  "I've lost my pharmacy job more than once, been threatened to be run out of the county....I got "mind-raped" by a psionic vampire, that tried to kill me and everyone I love, using my own bad memories!"

"Awww, poor baby," Sam said sarcastically, having stood up from the computer.  "You know, how many of your loved ones have sold their soul for you?  How many times have you done it for THEM?!"

A chill went through the air as Kyle stared open-mouthed at a flushing Sam.  Sam just sat back down at the computer and started working even faster, though he grumbled loud enough for the others to hear, "Talk to US about 'sacrifice...'"

"Its true, then."  Kyle said blankly.  "I...I never thought.  I just thought it was more 'smear' tactics by the authorities to make people scared enough to turn you in....or something..."  Kyle shook his head and stepped back, finally exclaiming, "Are you OUT of your friggin' MINDS?!"

"You gotta do what you gotta do, sometimes," Dean said.  It's easy enough to flip a few switches and lock up some mindless, floating sacks of snot....but when you get up to the 'bad boys' like we tangle with, sometimes fancy toys just ain't enough.  You Ghostbusters get the glory for cleaning up the supernatural world...did you ever stop to think that maybe it's Hunters that us, working in the shadows, that help keep the REAL 'forces of darkness' at bay...?"

Kyle didn't have a response right away - and it didn't matter, because a few seconds later, Sam yelled "GOT IT!"  The others crowded behind him, the tension forgotten at the moment.  Sam had a map up on the screen, and drew a ragged circle with the mouse.  "Right in this area...somewhere."

"Left-Hand Fork."  Kyle nodded.  Can't you narrow it down any more?  It's gonna take us a while to search all through there in the dark."

"Afraid not, that's as close as I can pinpoint him.  But the good news is that we don't need to find him - we can't, anyway, unless he wants to be found - we make HIM come to US."

Kyle didn't like where this was going.  "Hooooooow?"

"I was thinking we could summon a lesser demon - confined, of course, and use it as bait for a trap for our 'parasite...'  But before Sam could finish, Kyle interrupted.

"Aw, HELL no!  Nononono-NO way are you two loose-cannons setting a freakin' DEMON loose in MY neighborhood!"

Dean turned to his brother.  "Gee Sam, I don't think Doc Peterson here likes that idea." he said more than a little sarcastically.  He turned back to Kyle.  "Have a better idea, DOCTOR?"

"Yeah, I DO!  You're right about one thing - I'd rather have a few 'mindless, floating sacks of snot' loose than ONE more demon!  I'll just collect a few ghosts from the containment unit and turn THEM loose for our demon-bait."

Sam shrugged.  "It might work, but probably not as well as our PERFECTLY SAFE plan..."  Kyle stared hard at him.  "Well....REASONABLY safe."

Kyle started rubbing his temples and muttering - Kerrie was pretty sure he was swearing in Chinese - then he abruptly looked up and yelled "CRAP!  I totally forgot - I've got an antibiotic prescription in the car I was supposed to deliver to a lady up at the end of the road.  Jeez, hope she's still awake.."  He pulled Kerrie aside as he headed for the Ectomobile, and subtly slipped his Kel-Tec P3AT to her.  "Just in case," he whispered.

"They have guns too," she quietly protested.

"So shoot them FIRST if you need to," Kyle hissed.  Then loud enough for all to hear, he said "Entertain our guests, Kerrie - I'll be back in a flash so we can send this demon back to hell."

"You ain't about to go do something stupid, are you?" Dean asked.

Kyle turned around and started rooting through the numerous pockets of his flightsuit, and responded sarcastically.  "Well, gee, I don't seem to have any ghosts in my pockets here, so I'd like to know what you think I CAN do?  Just trust me, I'll be back in a few minutes."  He got into the car, then smiled and turned to the others.  "Hey - 'The Demon went down to Caroline, he was lookin' for some souls to steal.  He was in a bind, but what should he find, but a bunch of them sitting right in here.  He come across a young man, busting ghosts and making it hot, so the Demon kicked in his front door and said 'Pete, let me tell ya what.  I guess you didn't know it, but I'm a spook collector too - and if you care to take a dare, I'll make a bet with you.  Now you're pretty good at catchin' ghosts but give the Demon his due.  I'll bet a proton pack of gold against your soul cause I think I can bust more than you!'"

The other three looked somewhat mortified.  Kyle looked at Kerrie. "No?" he asked.

She shook her head.  "No," she confirmed.

"Ah well."  He fired up the turbocharged Impreza and sped from the firehouse.  Kerrie and the two Winchesters looked at each other for a minute.  "Does that...a lot?"  Sam asked.

"Sometimes," Kerrie said.  " for a drink?"

"Sounds good," Sam said and the three made their way to the kitchen.  Dean stuck his head in the fridge, put pulled it out with a look between puzzlement and disgust.  "What?  Cranberry juice, milk..."  He looked inside again to get a better look.  "'Sugar-free Orange-Ade?"  He pulled a brown can out.  "'Caffeine-free diet Pepsi?!"

Kerrie shrugged.  "He's a bit of a tee-totaler, which given the genes in his family is a good thing.  The closest he comes to drinking is a virgin Mudslide."

Sam and Dean both tried really hard to suppress laughter at that, but only partially succeeded.


"Racka-fracka.....crazy bastiches....summon a freakin' demon on MY turf....."  Kyle was using a large Mag-Lite to see as he slowly made his way through the woods, keeping a nervous eye on his PKE meter (for all the good he thought it would do him).  There was a tree down shortly after this gravel road left the main highway, so he'd left the Ectomobile parked by the road as he headed for the general area Sam had found on foot.  He paused a moment to check the charge on the two ghost traps he was wearing, one on each hip.  For, he DIDN'T have any ghosts in his pockets....

...but he DID have ghosts in these traps that were in his car, from busts earlier today, that he hadn't stored yet.  And now he was pretty sure he was in the area that the demon was prowling.  He set the Mag-Lite up in 'candle' mode,removed the two traps, and set them up as far away from him as the cords would allow.  Pocketing the PKE meter, Kyle pulled his neutrona wand and powered it up with the familiar "ka-CHNNNNN."  Taking a breath, he stepped on both trap pedals, and gave a shout.  "DINNER TIME, you Satan-spawned freak!  Come and get it!"

He stared at the trap beams, waiting for the ghosts to come forth.  The hairs on the back of his neck raised, as he heard an unearthly laugh - "HEH...HEH....HEH....HEH..." come from somewhere in the woods....


The Winchester brothers and Kerrie sat around the table, eating Doritos.  Sam had chosen the Orange-Ade to drink, while Kerrie and Dean had cans of the Pepsi (though Dean made a face with each drink).  Kerrie looked at the clock impatiently.  "Sure is taking his sweet time," Dean grumbled.

Kerrie nodded - then went pale.  "Stay here!" she yelled as she got up and ran to a nearby door.  She punched in a code to open the door, then started down the stairs as Dean came up behind her.  "Hey, what...."  But he was interrupted by the door slamming in his face and locking shut.  He tried the handle, but no luck.

"Just a SEC!" she called from behind it.  Sam had come up next to his brother, and shrugged.  They heard her yell, then the sound of feet on the stairs.  The two barely got out of the way before Kerrie threw the door open.  "The Containment Unit - it hasn't been accessed since last week - but Kyle caught some ghosts today!"  She grabbed her cell, and started to dial.  Dean and Sam looked at each other, they had a good idea what the girl was thinking.  It was confirmed when she got off the phone with the other pharmacist Kyle had been working with - Kyle had NOT brought any prescriptions home with him to deliver!

"Come on," Dean said to Sam.  To Kerrie, "Our car is down the road a little ways.  But you better stay here, I have a feeling that Kyle wouldn't like it if you came along and got hurt."  She started to protest, but Dean put one finger on her lips.  "Trust us," he said with a wink.  "We'll see you around."  And with that, he turned and ran full-speed to the highway.


Kyle would have thought he might have needed to use his Proton Pack to 'wrangle' the three full-roaming vapors before him, to keep them from getting away before the demon arrived.  But they were actually just floating in a circle about 5 feet off the ground, just above where the traps had released them.  The chilling laughter was still in the air, every so often, but getting quieter each time.  

"HEH....heh....heh.....heh."  As the last bit of laughter faded, the three ghosts suddenly gave shrieks of - pain?  And went flying off to the left as though sucked in by a ghost trap.  Kyle's eyes went wide as a flash of light came from the woods, and if the ghosts were crying in pain before, the sound that came with the light may have been three death-shrieks.  The light faded, and something started making it's way through the thick brush to the road.

"It's go time," Kyle growled as he leveled his thrower at the sound of the noise.  But he backed up as the demon emerged.  It was somewhat humanoid, but deformed and grotesque.  Reddish-Pink skin, 8 feet tall, muscular, and clad only in a loincloth.  "Oh, frakk me," Kyle muttered as his heart pounded.  That was nothing at all like the description Snow had given him.  Had those three ghosts made it THAT much stronger?  "Well," he said, remembering his earlier Charlie Daniels reference, "you go on back to hell, and to the woodshed *I* will go!"  And he let loose with a proton beam, striking the demon in the chest.  The beast staggered for a moment, then just gave a sharp-toothed grin and started to advance on the Ghostbuster.

"Aw, God."  Kyle started to back up (he was grateful the road was unusually wide where he was at) and intensified the stream.  But still, the demon kept advancing.  The sound of the proton stream crashing against it's massive frame was so loud that neither of the two combatants noticed the sound of a chainsaw coming from the highway...

"I shoulda called Vincent," Kyle thought to himself.  "I shoulda called Rich....I should have called Dial-A-Prayer!"  Kyle was coming to the sickening realization that he just wasn't that well versed in banishing demons.  If something couldn't be staked, trapped, shot, or totally neutronized, he wasn't sure quite what to do with it.  He was just so determined not to let those crazy Winchesters open ANOTHER gate to hell, he hadn't really thought of that...

Finally, Kyle turned the stream up to 'maximum.'  An warning alarm came from the pack, he was risking an overload if he kept up a barrage at this strength for very long at all.  The demon growled and started to stagger back a bit, as the flesh started to peel from it's frame.  Kyle started to estimate how long it would take to render the monster harmless, compared with how long it would be before his pack overloaded and took out the demon, himself, and probably half the county.  But he didn't have to wonder for long - the demon stood up straight again, and the flesh began to re-form on it's torso.  Kyle stared in disbelief, then began walking forward as he fired, letting out a mighty scream of rage as he assailed the monster with energy.  Even if he died here, this demon was not getting out of the Fork!  But that was a mistake, as well - once in arm's reach, the demon grabbed the young man by the front of his flightsuit, and flung him clear across the road!  

Kyle gave a cry of pain as he landed, and the proton beam cut out.  His pack had been damaged in the fall, and had shut down as a safety measure.  The demon gave it's wicked laugh again as it stared down at the fallen human.  Kyle unhooked his pack and groggily got up to face his enemy.  He pulled out the last weapon he had available, his pocketknife.  He flipped it open as the demon advanced on him...

Suddenly, light filled the night again as a black Impala came flying down onto the scene!  An arm extended from the passenger side, throwing two vials of clear liquid at the demon.  The vials exploded into flame when they burst on it's body, and the demon began to howl.  The car stopped and Sam Winchester got out, holding a weathered-looking book.  "No time for a confinement circle, I think...."

His brother Dean emerged holding a chainsaw.  "We'll make do, just get to WORK, Sammy!"  He turned to Kyle and tossed his 1911 and some spare magazines to him.  "Here, make yourself useful in a second."  Then faced the demon as he revved the saw.  "Hail to the king, BABY!"

Sam began reading Latin from the book as Dean hacked away at the demon with his saw.  Like Kyle's proton streams, it had little effect - any damage that was done managed to quickly heal itself.  Any time Dean had to back off from the demon, Kyle took a few shots with the automatic Colt.  

In a few moments, the demon began to visibly weaken.  The burns Kyle had inflicted on it's chest, as well as the gunshot wounds and Dean's cuts, abruptly re-opened.  The demon looked at Sam, realizing what was happening.  He tried to make a lunge for the younger Winchester, but Dean sawed through one of his legs as Kyle put three bullets in the creature's head.  It fell to the ground, writhing, as Sam finished speaking.  There was a blinding flash of red light on the ground, as the creature was reduced to a large pillar of black smoke that was swallowed up in the light.  Kyle stood there for a few moments, totally dumbstruck by what he had seen.

Dean and Sam looked triumphantly at the scorch marks.  Dean grinned as he addressed the burnt ground.  "I told you once, you son of a b***h, We're the best that's ever been!"

"Touche" Kyle said as he handed the 1911 back to Dean.  "Thanks guys.  Looks like I need to brush up some more on my 'Demonology.'  But STILL...all the outstanding warrants for you two aside, don't you think you're playing with fire sometimes?"

"It takes it to fight it, sometimes," Dean said as he put the chainsaw in the car.  "So, now that the demon's out of the way, you gonna turn us in to the Feds?"

Kyle stared at both of them.  "Maybe if someone finally brought you in, you could manage to clear your names and then get back to "work" without having to dodge the law every step of the way?"

Sam and Dean looked at each other.  "That could be....easier said than done, Kyle" said the former.

"Boy, am I going to catch it from 'Corporate' if I let two 'rogues' like you just walk away..."

"Hey...we DID save your life," Dean pointed out as he casually put his hands into the pocket of his jacket.

"And God-knows how many others, by stopping that demon," Sam added.

Kyle looked at the two hunters, indecision on his face.  The two only grinned at him, as if they knew full well what he was going to do.

"Yo Sammy, give him the puppy-dog eyes," Dean said, and was answered by a punch to the arm from his brother.

"....S**t!"  Kyle growled as he stood aside to give the Impala room to go by him.  All right, all right - GO!  Get your devil-dealing a***s out of my sight before I change my mind.  

The two obliged, and headed off to their Impala with Kyle not far behind.  "I guess you two must be good judges of character and all," Kyle yelled after them.  "You know, you could have just slipped off in the aftermath and I probably wouldn't have realized it.  You didn't...DO anything to me to make me let you go - right?"

"Nah," Dean said.  "No jinxes, no magic, no curses."  He smiled and held up his right hand, showing a small chromed Derringer.  "Just a .45 or two, if you needed more 'persuasion."  Kyle's jaw dropped, and he wasn't much reassured when the elder Winchester said "Hey - RELAX!  I just would have winged your gun arm, and a leg."

The pair got into the car, and Sam leaned out the passenger window as the engine fired.  "If the cops get here soon, you might not want to tell them you let us walk away."

"Yeah," Dean said.  If you want, I can cold-cock you to make it look like you tried to stop us and we overpowered you..."

"Thanks, I'll manage some other way," Kyle said drily.  He couldn't help but give them a mock salute as they peeled off into the chill autumn night.  Casting one last look over at the scorched earth, the exhausted Ghostbuster shouldered his pack and traps and started the walk back to his Ectomobile.  He looked up at the full, red-tinted moon, and began cheerily whistling the tune "Bad Moon Rising" as he walked...


"The explosion from the demon getting sucked back into hell dazzled me - and by the time my vision returned, the Winchester kids had begun to high-tail it out of there.  They had their guns on me and told me not to try and follow them.  I was gonna chase them by car, but they'd stopped to let the air out of my tires before coming to save me."  Kyle reclined in the chair behind his cluttered desk (though he did manage to keep enough room free to prop his feet up on it) and stared evenly at the fuming FBI agent across from him.  "And that's the whole truth, Agent Hodges."

"I somehow doubt that, DOCTOR Peterson," sneered Jeff Hodges as he straightened his black tie.  

"'Course, if they really are dangerous murderers, you'd think they might have shot me in the back to make sure of their getaway, don't you think?"

The agent leaned in close to Peterson, and growled his response.  "What *I* think, Doctor, is that they didn't shoot you because you are aiding and abetting these terrorists...."

"Technically, they aided and abetted ME by killing that demon and saving my life - sorta like when you guys get info from one crook to nail another one..."

"DON'T even try to go there, boy!" snarled Hodges.  You and your pathetic pseudo-science might get you some pull with the local "Barney Fifes" that compose your constabulary, but not with me!"

Kyle's expression hardened just a little, but he still smiled.  "Agent Hodges, just because you're a low-level Government flunky possessed of the thankless job of chasing down hopeless leads to confirm that they are indeed hopeless, because your superiors don't want to be bothered, that's no reason to be rude - is it?"

Hodges flushed and managed to lean in even closer.  "You have NOT seen the last of me!"  With that, he leaned up and stormed out of the firehouse.

"I don't doubt it," Kyle muttered with a smirk.  He shook his head, hoping that he had done the right thing.  And hoping that he was wrong about the Winchesters, that they wouldn't one day wind up paying the ultimate price for some of their methods...

Another entry in the case files of the Western NC Ghostbusters!  Another crossover, and an arguably more ambitious one, heavily using established and very-much beloved characters - the Winchester brothers from Supernatural.  Inspired by a thread on the old Ghostbusters International forums (thanks to Cliff Roswell, the fellow GBI employee that managed to sock Dean one in the nose, but got a boot to his nuts for the trouble! :o )

I also get my very own officious government prick in the form of a nasty FBI agent named JEff Hodges.  FYI, I used an avatar of Men In Black-era Tommy Lee Jones as his avatar on the GBI boards.  I haven't done anything else with him yet, that may change if I ever get back into writing these things.

I was tickled pink that it was fairly well-received by the GBI community, or at least I didn't have rotten, flaming fruit thrown at me.  As for here, well....*puts on asbestos underwear as a precaution.*      

The "whadda hell is THIS" info from my first file I posted:

See, at one point I (along with some other Deviants and other peeps) was part of a group called "Ghostbusters International."  More or less a role-play I guess where you set up a Ghostbusters "franchise" in your area (represented with art or costumes/props or a combo).  And you wrote up "case files" of your assorted misadventures.  Mary-Sue-ish?  You bet, 'least in my case.  Fun?  HELL yes.

Checking on getting my long-neglected little fan page un-frozen, but my all my fics online have fallen into the Void Between Worlds.  Unlike the Daleks and Cybermen, they ain't coming back out.  I still have em on hard drive, but I'd like to post them on dA for posterity.  It's not exactly high art, mostly written for the amusement of me and some friends and relatives.  But maybe someone will get a chuckle out of some of them.
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