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WNC-Ghostbusters desktop

*Scene - a small, peaceful rural community. Cut to assorted images of supernatural pests - a Slimer eating out of a dog's bowl in a backyard, a small troll-ghost throwing a pumpkin at some kids trying to tear down a stop sign, a gang of vampires stepping out of a blood-red fog...*

"When there's something strange in THIS neck of the woods.....WHO YA GONNA CALL?"

*As an alarm blares and the Ghostbusters theme kicks in, an unshaven, shaggy-looking man in his mid-20's falls out of a small bunk with a loud THUD...*

More description to come later...!

Ghostbusters is a trademark of Sony, man.
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Thanks to [link] for showing me how to do the highly complex task of taking a screen shot to post my desktop on here!

"Hooray, Zoidberg learned something new today!" :D
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XD hooray Zoidberg is usefull!