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Two ways to speak on 2A rights

If you're unwilling to do it with words (The computer - activisim!) then the day may come when we must do it with force (the bullets)...

(Yes, I KNOW it's not the most unique concept....)

What got me riled up was the reaction I got from some fellow gun owners when trying to get them involved in letting the United Nations know EXACTLY what we Americans think about Rebecca Peters' (of IANSA - [link] ) ideas that Americans don't deserve any more freedoms (the right to own firearms, to be specific) than any of the OTHER citizens of the world.

Naturally I was prepared for the views from the left: "you're over-reacting, they JUST want to disarm criminals, it would NEVER become law here, Baaaa baaaaaa baaa baaa baaaaaa."

...whoa, sorry! All sheep start to sound alike after a while! ;)

Hate to break it to you, but in the UN's view an "illicit" firearm is ANY firearm not in the hands of the government. If they do pass a resolution banning civillian posession of arms, it dosen't even HAVE to be ratified as a treaty to become law. One anti-2nd Amendment president + over 50% of Congress in agreement = bye bye effective self-defense!

Right, but I said I EXPECTED this. What I didn't expect was the response from several people who are "on MY side" (more or less: )

"Bring it on! I'll give them to the UN bullets first! MOLON LABE!"

:o :doh: :sarcasticclap:

Uhhh...yeah. You do that. There's honor in becoming a martyr after all....

Oh, wait - that's the kind of logic anti-gunners must use when they are asked about people that are beaten, raped, or killed because they bought the "guns are evil" bullshit and thus didn't have one for protection!

There are those that feel that if the government ever stripped away most or all of our civil rights (what remains of them...) - that if there was an armed resistance, it would have NO chance.

I'm not THAT pessimistic. I know that "we the people" COULD come out on top if the crap hit the fan to that degree. But, at an UNGODLY price! Armed resistance to tyranny should be the VERY LAST option needed by people that can GET OFF THEIR CANDY ASSES and vote, and make your voice heard, loud and clear, to the powers that be!

And like some people say about all those "molon labe - come get some" types - if they can't be bothered to do simple activism, could they really be counted on to take up arms against a government of tyrants????

Oh, for you United Nations lovers, it wasn't an accident I put my laptop in this pic. While it's true that American companies like Google have their lips planted firmly on communist China's ass, helping them CENSOR and POLICE the INTERNET...the U.N., true to form, isn't doing squat to stop this. As Wayne LaPierre of the NRA predicts, there will soon be a new "virtual" Iron Curtain between the "free" and "Government-repressed" Internets.

So if you get one thing out of this, listen well: It's obvious the United Nations resents America's Second Amendment right, and our right to SELF-DEFENSE. It SHOULD be equally apparent that they hold our FIRST Amendment in equal regard. If the former falls, IMO, the latter won't be far behind. Maybe THEN more people will start to care about the U.N. wanting to shred our Constitution!
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I'm with you.I just watched a debate from 2010 on You Tube filmed in London at Kings College between Wayne Lapeirre and Rebecca Petters.And Wayne got  the longest ovation at the end of his closing argument.I think he won that debate,Hands Down.And he stayed on point and kept his cool.
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I need a gun... =(
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The first one's not working
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Patience, the fat lady ain't sung yet!

Here's a KICK-ASS page you can use to contact the White House, both your Senators, and your Congressman at the same time! [link]
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Patience, the fat lady ain't sung yet!

Here's a KICK-ASS page you can use to contact the White House, both your Senators, and your Congressman at the same time! [link]
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Tomorrow's the big day for the Small Arms Treaty! Don't let your guard down!
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I'm with ya man.
looks like ya got an SKS.
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Good to see others who believe in the 2nd too, especially here, always remember-
'A free people ought not only to be armed and disciplined, but should have enough arms and ammunition to maintain a status of independence from those who might attempt to abuse them. Which would include their own government." -George Washington
I only prey it doesn't come down to that. But if it does, we will be ready.
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two thumbs up! but you should have put a more modern clip in it i doubt will be fighting the revolution with stripper clips but who knows IF YOU OUTLAW GUN ONLY OUTLAWS WILL HAVE GUNS
LonelyImmortal's avatar him or hate him, Dr. Piazza from Front Sight has the right attitude "any gun will do if YOU will do!"

Heck, if someone was REALLY REALLY strapped for cash and needed a long arm, I'd tell them to consider a Mosin Nagant. An old school battle rifle and 440 rounds of ammo for at or under $200? (Though I'd feel better about it if I knew they could have better luck with stripper clips than I have had in mine...which is NO luck.)

I might get around to re-shooting this one with some more modern goodies eventually, though. Thanks for the fave!
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The Right to Bear Arms...I fully support it. No one has the right to tell us to give up our self-defense.
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Too right m8! Good to see someone who is passionate about all this! You should also post pics of your 223 :D I am planning on putting mine up soon, after its done being accessorized.
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I'm the kind who is going to go for activism first, violence second. I write my rep in congress and my senators. I plan on taking part in the 2nd amendment march in 2010. I don't think the 'come get some' types are the best of mindsets, but it is something I think we need to be prepared to do too.
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Ahhh...with the coming of the Obamessiah, and his definition of "support" for the Second Amendment...

Quite a bit more relevant now than it was before, IMO!
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What you said!
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Hey, man. I'm with you. Those anti-gun dipshits never have any idea what they're talking about anyway. They're completely ignorant, and half of them are borderline retarded. (Which seems to be becoming the norm for the average modern citizen.)

You know what happens when they take the guns away? The stabbing rate rises. That's what's happening in England. Then you try to take away knives and people get really fucking creative. It's human nature.
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