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Kyle:  Gah, another pirate?  I thought me and Deven trapped all of Blackbeard's crew back in 2005!
Pirate:  I told you, I'm Captain Jack Sparrow!  Are you saying you've NEVER heard of me?!
Kyle:  What are you doing here, anyway?
Pirate:  Oh you know, the tides can be a fickle mistress....
Kyle:  We're 300 miles from the ocean!!!  You've gotta be the worst pirate I've ever met!
Pirate:  ....shut up and fight!

Heh, stopped by work to show off my new GBII duds, the crew was much more in the Halloween spirit than last year.  Had a scarecrow (not THE Scarecrow, sorry :icon0melodious-nocturne0: ), Sy Robertson, the Lone Ranger, and my pal Evan as the good Cap'n here. :D
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