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Ace of Cups

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The Ace of Cups for sadirapookie’s Tasertricks Tarot Challenge on tumblr. The Ace of Cups represents an emotional opening, a new beginning, where love and compassion are important. I tried to represent this with Darcy removing Loki’s helmet, and having the background representing the card a bit more traditionally. That’s a lie. For the background I pulled a Gainax a la Neon Genesis Evangelion ep. 25-26, if you know what I mean. I am just dead right now. The fact that I finished something is almost remarkable to me at this point.
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Love this so much! Your card turned out great! :heart:
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Thank you my dear~
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ooo very nice and the stitches in Loki's face makes it spooky even :) I love this tarot card challenge idea I am a fan of the fool card myself :)
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Thank you very much! :'>
Myst-the-Wicked's avatar
ooh... I always loved your coloring. Did I ever tell you that?
LonelyCitadel's avatar
Thank you so much! You're wonderful!
Pericynthi-Beth17's avatar
Nicely! I love this as both a fan and practitioner of Tarot and a huge fan of Tasertricks! How very creative and very well drawn . . . you should consider penning a whole Marvel Tarot deck!
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Thank you very much! I might just do that in my free time :'>
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