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my imagination eated my brain
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Homestuck High Highbloods


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Homestuck High Highbloods


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BunneZ Inc. profile: Sick bunny

BunneZ Inc.

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Left 4 Dead Hunter

left 4 dead

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Brown button eyes

Gamzee sat on the top of the shelf, his little round button eyes fixing on his master working. Gamzee was pretty exited. His master was in the midst of making a new doll. A new doll! Now he wouldn't be alone anymore. He tried to make his master tell him which kind of doll the little motherfucker was going to be. Was he going to be made of plastic or wax? Was he going to be a fashion doll or a voodoo doll just like you? Master wouldn't tell of course. The big motherfucker never told anything before he was finished. This only made you all up and more exited. Sometimes you would even try to crawl up on the table to get a look on when he was a


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noir de sang ch.1 page 19

noir de sang comic

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Rikke Jensen lineart


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Darlynne Vocaloid


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Rikke the vampire bat lineart

sonic the hedgehog

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Mizzy noir de sang

Random shiz

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Life According To Earwig 1

cartoon drawings

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the halloweenies cover/poster

the halloweenies

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little alice

manga drawings

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fake life

At the white prison there lies a boy his heart controlled by a machine and drop in his arm. Unable to move he cries he hears the machines biip-biip and thinks: "am i dead or not" The boy is alive but the body is dead he is in constant pain but nobody knows. He can't talk he can't walk not even smile! And he can't even stop it. In the white prison the boy silently suffers What kind of life is this? IT'S FAKE LIFE!

poems and such

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first time i use sai


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