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Alcyde Changing by lonelion4ever Alcyde Changing by lonelion4ever
My worgen character slowly changing back to human form after slaughtering his family. (Ooo could this be a small spoiler for a upcoming comic??? we'll have to wait and see!) *que dramatic music* duh duh duuuuh....
PookaDoodle Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
Hey, just moving our conversation over here, hope you don’t mind!

First I’m glad you’re enjoying working with your guild and trying something new. I’m beating a quite dead horse for saying it but the biggest thing about making art is wanting to, so you’re well on your way. Drawing what you want to draw because you want it is a good feeling and the best to learn with. :3

So my thoughts just on this piece… let me see. Firstly, good pose, I like his still-clawed hands and his fangs and glowy eye, total anguish is coming through wonderfully in his face and hunched shoulders, very nice. In the realm of things you asked about, let’s talk shading. There’s this tutorial I ran into a few years ago that totally did wonders for me: [link] and remains more or less the method I use for digital shading. There’s a moment where the artist sketches some lines slanting across the drawing from the light source? You see it? Much like the rain on this picture, actually, sometimes it’s helpful to draw those lines and take away the shadows only where you’d imagine those lines would hit. Also, reflected light and rim light: I see you have a bit of this going on already on his arm, good! Always remember to check for places you’d expect to see light bouncing or curving around something, it’ll add realism to your work like nothing else.

So, if you watched the tutorial already you’ll understand what I mean by subtractive lighting, making everything shadows and then erasing the light bits, and that’s how I paint. By making that all-shadow layer and setting it to Multiply it automatically ‘picks’ colors for your shadows to be over your colors so you don’t even have to worry about that stuff. But! Pick a fitting color for your shadows to be based on the environment or mood of your shot. For example, in this picture I’d suggest, unless he’s being lit by another light we don’t see, since it’s moonlight that’s doing the illuminating there’s a special scenario going on. Moonlight and nighttime kill red tones so you’d expect a lot of blue or grey at the least; if I were to suggest one change, and a fairly simple one as well, to you on this picture I’d say his skin color should hardly be visible, in fact the lighting would make him look white or blue. Try using the very color you used for the moon as your lighting color and perhaps the background’s color for the shadows. (A very blue/white/grey composition will also give you a chance to really make that yellow eye stand out and draw some serious attention!) (I’d also suggest, when you do glowy things, to try making another fainter layer on top of everything, including shadows and lines, and put a bit of a glow on it as well.)

Also, unless it’s the very dead of night you get a bit of a gradient in the sky. You could try that here, I find even a subtle- and sometimes they’re the best of all- gradient in the background goes a long ways to fighting that ‘flat’ look. Just a thought!

And on gestures, you’ve got it right, it’s just practice. I’d suggest searching out the stock photographers on dA, there are lots of good ones out there and they tend to take shots with very interesting poses that make sketching the human figure fun. (I came across this group [link] just a bit ago, haven’t looked at it too closely but it already looks like a trove of wonderful stuff to practice with and is nicely divided into categories.) Since it’s werewolves you’re working with I’d suggest as much practice drawing from wolf photos as well. :)

This is quite nice, the way you’ve got him sort of crumpled at the feet of the moon is a fitting composition for the story behind it and the dark rainclouds and driving rain add to the pain and misery. I hope my comments are helpful to you at all and thank you again for asking for my thoughts!
lonelion4ever Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you very much those links helped a lot. I'll definetly try to add some of this stuff to my next piece. But careful, you opened pandora's box commenting on it, now I'll have to ambush you for critques on the next one! =D
PookaDoodle Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
Hey, glad to hear it, I just hope any of my babbling winds up being helpful to you! And I don't mind giving feedback, it's something I could use more practice doing. Bring it. :)
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