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Top 10 Fav Video Game Meme by lonegamer7 Top 10 Fav Video Game Meme :iconlonegamer7:lonegamer7 4 4 AM2 Con 2 - Me and Langdon by lonegamer7 AM2 Con 2 - Me and Langdon :iconlonegamer7:lonegamer7 4 8 AM2 Con 1 - Reuben Langdon by lonegamer7 AM2 Con 1 - Reuben Langdon :iconlonegamer7:lonegamer7 0 1 AX11 5 - Post sig session by lonegamer7 AX11 5 - Post sig session :iconlonegamer7:lonegamer7 1 0 AX11 4 - Morikawa n lightsaber by lonegamer7 AX11 4 - Morikawa n lightsaber :iconlonegamer7:lonegamer7 6 5 AX11 3 - Toshiyuki Morikawa by lonegamer7 AX11 3 - Toshiyuki Morikawa :iconlonegamer7:lonegamer7 4 2 AX11 2 - Chris and Dante by lonegamer7 AX11 2 - Chris and Dante :iconlonegamer7:lonegamer7 0 1 AX11 1 - Me and Vic Mignogna by lonegamer7 AX11 1 - Me and Vic Mignogna :iconlonegamer7:lonegamer7 9 3
DMC4 - Thereafter
One week later, Nero finally found what he had been looking for.
It wasn't easy. Whittling down the lingering devil population while having to work alongside with the remaining Knights that had become even more wary of him was mentally exhausting. Despite that, there was a very small number that he trusted enough to watch his back during the clean-up process, especially anything pertaining to the ascension process or Hellgate research in Agnus's underground labs.
"Are you SURE you have to do this?"
Nero couldn't help but smile as he dropped a stack of folders into the fire bin. Trust Mihail to question the destruction of the research. The young man lead the Order's police division, usually responsible for keeping civilians out of the way and giving first hand info to the Knights that handled the primary devil exterminations. Although Mihail rarely worked directly with the Knights, he got along with Nero well enough to have steady conversations, mostly exchanging combat tips or finding
:iconlonegamer7:lonegamer7 9 3
FMA+KH - Umbra
Riza had originally intended to deliver some research the Elric brothers and Mei had found to Roy, but instead had to go search for the black-haired man. None of the others had seen him anywhere within the main compound, except Yuffie who said that she had spotted him near the ramparts that faced Hollow Bastion. Riza excused herself to go look for the wayward alchemist, finding the opportunity to get some fresh air. Judging by the change in pressure and the scent, as well Ed's complaints about his leg acting up, it looked as if it was going to rain. Aerith commented that it meant the world's weather system was on the mend, and she was eagerly looking forward to seeing plants bloom in the wild again.
Passing by the marketplace, Riza didn't stop observing her surroundings. Here, the weapons and armor shop owner haggled with one of the folks that served as part of the patrol teams. There, two Moogles argued with each other over the proper proportion and ingredients to use over an item tha
:iconlonegamer7:lonegamer7 1 1
FMA+KH- Xovers: Rubedo Remiges
It used to be normal.
The day started out normal. Hawkeye's usual cup of coffee on his desk (two sugars, a splash of cream, and a hint of cocoa) was normal. Havoc struggling to get over his most recent break-up, Fuery repairing the field radios, Falman and Breda going through paperwork was also normal. Even Edward - Major Elric of the Department of Alchemical Abuse and Exploitation - slamming down the latest stack of reworked files was normal.
Except that both Edward and Roy had immediately felt what seemed like a very strong chill down their backs. The former alchemist, having just reached the doorknob to return to his office, glanced back at his commanding officer with wide eyes. The older man stared back, recognizing the feeling of something absolutely wrong.
"General?" Hawkeye spoke, noticing the two men's actions and drawing the attention of the rest. "Major?"
"Did..." Ed swallowed thickly, turning away from the door. "Did any of you guys just feel that?"
Five heads shook a
:iconlonegamer7:lonegamer7 3 1
FMA - Midnight: Filial Meeting
Ling heard the faint and familiar clack-clacking from a clapper with the bonging of a gong that heralded the bellman's call of "sangengtian", and thought nothing of it as he lounged against his favorite apple tree. Just a few more days, and the fruit would be bursting with flavor that was wholly different from Amestris' varieties.
In contrast, he heard the soft rustling of cloth, a click, and then a snap after several seconds.
"Right on the dot," Ling commented offhandedly.
A soft snort, boots on grass as Roy sat on the bench underneath the tree. "And what are you doing up this late? I thought you would still be entertaining the elders."
Ling wasn't too surprised that the alchemist knew what time it was even if he had consulted his watch, figuring the older man would've researched before arriving in Xing. One common thing between alkahestrists and alchemists was their ability to devour knowledge with frightening intensity that would bore non-scholarly types. His mother used to b
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FMA - Family: Brother Found
While Ling had expected to run into Mei Chang during their search for a Philosopher's Stone, what he didn't expect was to run into their older brother.
He never expected to learn that Roy Mustang, the Flame Alchemist, the "Hero of Ishval", was one of the many princes of Xing, after a lot of digging. The "lost one", the servants had often spoken in low voices during his youth - a failed assassination attempt during a party and Huolong Yao had vanished in the confusion. The more superstitious whispered "kamikakushi" - spirited-away, given his sudden disappearance. In reality, a faithful guard had smuggled him out west.
When Ling confronted Mustang about his heritage some months after the Promised Day, the older man simply shook his head.
"As appealing as returning to Xing sounds, my loyalties and heart lies with Amestris."
"Why?" Childish demanding, almost as bad as Mei, when they were much younger.
A soft smile. "I might not have been born in this country, but it is this country
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FMA - Flame: Endo, Exo
When it rained, Roy felt as if his own inner flame struggled to stay lit (it burned painfully when the nightmares would occasionally come). The damp weather would make him lethargic and it was practically a battle to get out of bed to get to work in time. Even on days with light sprinkling it made him marginally tired except for black coffee (which could slip to "cranky" depending on how the day panned out).
Why the cold rain seemed so fixated on him, he'll never know. Even when inside the dry headquarters or his own home, he felt as if he had nowhere to escape to at times.
Now, in one of Eastern Command's training grounds, he fought to maintain his inner flame to keep burning, even with the heavy downpour obscuring his vision and the mud threatening to hold his boots.
Ling tapped his sword against a leg once before lunging at the older man. A clap and snap from his right hand barely created a wall of flame that was almost quickly snuffed out, forcing him to whip a streak of fire at Li
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FMA - Clap, Snap
A clap, crackling, and blue light.
A low curse, a clap, crackling, and blue light.
This time, a rather dark growl that would've frightened the new cadets into proper order.
"Again! For crying out loud, are you planning to get yourself killed in the future?!"
"Damn it, Fullmetal, you know I'm not fully used to clapping transmutation yet!"
"That's why I'm teaching you how to get used to it, bastard!" Ed fought the urge to pull his hair, opting to recite the first half of the periodic table to calm down. "Gah, let's just take a break before you transmutate something that'll kill both of us or take out half the parade grounds. Like last time."
Roy mutely agreed as he sat on a short block of transmutated earth, gratefully accepting one of the glasses of water Riza had placed on one of the stumps he had created earlier. Around them, more stumps/walls of varying heights stuck out of the grounds like some bizarre forest competing with the nearby trees, garnering more than sev
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Influence Map Meme by lonegamer7 Influence Map Meme :iconlonegamer7:lonegamer7 3 2

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Daisy Chain 07 TF Movie Fic
Judy Witwicky wasn’t a mean woman, not by any stretch of the imagination.  Sometimes though, Sam did have to wonder if she was sane.  
When he and Bumblebee had pulled into the driveway that afternoon, the last thing they’d expected to hear was Judy chatting away in the backyard to someone who was obviously not human.  Sam and ‘Bee both peered around the corner of the house and into the backyard, eyes and optics widening at the sight before them.  There, next to a partially replanted bed of daisies, was Judy Witwicky and Jazz.  The human of the pair chattered aimlessly from the way the soil should be mixed to the depth of the holes.  Jazz, for his part, withstood the barrage quietly as he used his claws to make said holes in the dirt.  
“What are you doing?” Bumblebee sent through text message.
Jazz gave the other Cybertronian a quick glance before texting a short reply.
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Friends 07 TF Movie
“They haven’t acted like this in a long time.”  Ironhide commented, drawing Ratchet’s concentration away from his knee joint.  Both mechs were currently seated in make-shift “chairs” with Ironhide’s leg held up in Ratchet’s lap as he worked.  The black mech flinched as the welder came close to sensitive wires.  
“Hold still.” the medic groused.  He finished his current task of repairing a minor stress fracture in Ironhide’s knee before acknowledging what had been said.
“Who’s been acting like what?” Ratchet asked, placing the welder on the table.  
He took a quick glance around the room, finding it empty except for them.  Ironhide simply gave him a dark chuckle and a shake of the head.  Next thing the medic knew, he was hit from two different directions by strange projectiles, making him nearly jump from his seat.  The s
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Cringe 07 TF Movie
It was late afternoon when Ironhide, Jazz and Mikaela waited for the others to show for their habitual "get together" on the overlook.  The big black weapons specialist stood on the edge, unmoving, just watching over the town below.  Mikaela sat perched atop of Jazz's hood, watching a flock of birds fly in formation.  To be honest, she was bored.  Ironhide was hardly vocal company and Jazz seemed quite content to sit and play his radio at a low volume.  The female sighed and stretched causing several loud resounding pops to emit from her back.  Ironhide spun at the noise, cannons instantly at the ready.  Mikaela gave a startled yelp and Jazz a surprised rev of his engine.  
"What?  What happened?" she asked, looking about frantically for whatever could have spooked the big mech.
"I heard a noise." he stated, swinging his cannons in all directions, trying to pinpoint the location of the soun
:iconvixens-shadow:Vixens-Shadow 14 16
For all his professional demeanor, Ratchet can’t stand to lose patients.  You can’t realize what it puts him through.  No one can.  He’ll never tell.  
The only reason I’ve been privy to this bit of knowledge was because I found out by accident.  A literal accident, actually.  We used to work with this mech who was quite fond of anything that exploded and well, it’s a long story.  So, was I surprised to walk into the temp base and find a blade at my neck?  Absolutely not.  
Ratchet stood there, stock still, his arm around my neck and his weapon unwavering.  I just stopped and waited.  It was like this sometimes and this time was probably going to be worse.  I could disarm him, turn the situation around in a nano-click but it’d only serve to make things harder.  A lot harder.  And harder is not something Ratchet needed
:iconvixens-shadow:Vixens-Shadow 15 12
Darth Paula Dean for SWGuru
This cannot be happening to me.
Vader glowered at the studio audience from behind the countertop, paying little attention to the host's introduction and contemplating just how he had ended up in this mess in the first place.  Or rather, contemplating just how many throats were going to be crushed as soon as the show went off the air.  The director's and producer's most definitely, and perhaps the crew if that didn't help appease his fury...
He folded his arms across his chest, conveniently covering the embarrassing "Kiss the Cook" slogan that had been printed onto the apron the director had finally coerced him into wearing.  Not that he had had much choice in the matter -- or in appearing on this show in the first place. But simply because he had no choice in complying didn't mean he couldn't take his vengeance later.
Whose idea had this been in the first place?  As far as he could remember it had all begun over a few drinks (or perhaps mo
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