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War For Earth

Been playing a lot of Titanfall recently and the idea of playing as a human soldier fighting alongside Autobots in a similar fashion got stuck in my head.

Garry's Mod and Photoshop

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I know that they wanted Optimus to be much more powerful and bulkier after receiving the Matrix, but truth be told i always prefer his sleeker and somewhat smooth version from the WFT version. Anyhoo, still awesome!
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"You want to know don't you? Why they keep coming here... To earth."
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This better become the fate of the Transformers comics in IDW.
Speaking of Transformers and Titanfall, did you see the Titanfall Prime DLC trailer?…
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That's old as fuck.
Yeah, but it's still funny.
What about Transformers Devastation?
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Powerful,but notice the Apache helicopter.
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If transformer hadn't notice know.Distance is too close,haha...
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What? Why would Optimus be worried about a friendly helicopter?
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Hit the helicopter by careless.
Although I know Optimus is not stupid...
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The helicopter is going in the opposite direction of where he's shooting. What are you talking about?
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Oh...Maybe I am wrong.
you think it airachnid or one of the desticons don't you
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What the Bayformers could've been if they were in the hands of a competent director and writer.
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Ain't that the truth. I still personally enjoy the movies for the awesome action sequences, but there's no denying how much they bastardized the Transformers themselves. Course even though there's haters, there's a reason he's been able to produce 5 movies, which is because like it or not they actually make money.
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Maybe in this universe the humans can actually help the Transformers -_-
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My name is Optimus Prime. I am here to kick ass and chew bubble gum.
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And I'm all out of gum xD
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