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ODSTs in the early morning about to ruin some Insurrectionist's day during Operation Trebuchet. A model test for my man :iconbloocobalt:

Garry's Mod and Photoshop

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"How long are we supposed to hold these poses for?"

"Till the photographer is done."

"We've been holding this pose for twenty damn minutes! I. Have. To. Pee."

"He's a man of experience. We can't rush his art."

"We can't rush him at all. He looks like he's been a photographer since the field was first invented!"

"That's how we know we got a quality photographer. Why do you think I shelled out eight hundred dollars for him?"


"Oh...well...I predict a very awkward meeting with the club's finance guys....you may want to prepare for that."

"..........I hate you so damn much right now."
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Outnumbered and outgunned...no matter what the odds, ODSTs never run from a fight
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They FINISH fights. With style
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This facebook group has used your image here for one of their recent posts without crediting you, I'm unsure whether or not you allow this but I've decided to let you know just in case.
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"remember, your job isn't to go feet first into hell, but make sure its crowded when you get there"
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Are these models going to be made public?
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awesome and badass gotta call the reds and blues now
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Wallpaper now, looks nice on my screen!
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It's been a LONG time since I added anything to my Halo favorites. Well done!
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"Guys there's a bird, can I shoot it?"
"Don't even think about it Carl."
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lol reminds me of a rvb episode
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Some ones shit is about to get sorted out.
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Nice, you play the ArmA 3 OP Trebuchet mod?
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They look so real! 8O
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so beautiful 
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Surprised somebody knew about the name for the UNSC v Insurrectionist's

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Looks like the Insurrectionsts' breakfast is gonna consists of pancakes with a side of hot lead and cannon shells.
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Don't forget the explosions :D
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No no, the explosions and shrapnel are Second Breakfast.
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