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Sister From Another Mister

Ellie from The Last of Us and Zoey from Left 4 Dead.

Garry's Mod and Photoshop

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I have a Felling they would get along just Fine

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how did i not think of this

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Whoa they do look similar!

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I knew those two girls would look good together... Ellis, Zoey and Ellie... one happy family.
I really like this, RE2 Claire was in her late teens, not that much older than Ellie. I have a feeling they would have done very well indeed together with Claire showing Ellie the ropes and the two of them watching one another's backs.
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bro what? that's zoey not Claire
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that's zoey from Left for dead

Whoops... well, they still look like they'd do very well together.

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They could really be sisters, couldn't they?
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Its funny, before I even started playing L4D, a few years ago I was playing The Last of Us at a LAN party and someone asks me "Is that Left 4 Dead?" xD
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''So, is that your kid?'' Bill asked while lighting a new cigarette ''Nuh, I'm escoritng her, we gotta take her to the Fireflies'' Francis stopped loading the magaizne of his rifle and said ''I hate those fuckers, they just fuck shit up and never actually help'' Bill shut him up ''Franics, just shut up'' Joel continued but in a quieter tone ''Bill, this is somethin' a lot more serious, she is most likely immune'' ''Horseshit'' Bill said not believing what Joel said ''Bill, you need to believe me, she was bitten almost a month ago'' Joel added ''Shit...alright, just follow us, and keep your mouth shut about this''.
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I love it Heart Heart Heart 
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This is even better than what I can do...

I'm jealous now...
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This looks right for some reason
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Yes, I like this.
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They're so close to being like twins, except the age difference.
Nice job dude.
FnaF Icon [40] - Bonnie Intensifies 
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This is amazing! And I love how Joel is looking back at her too!
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