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Testing mah man :iconsuperninjanub:'s Fallout 4 power armor models. All pieces are attached via bonemerging so you can mix pieces from the different armor types.

Garry's Mod and Photoshop

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I had these models for Gmod a while ago. Where's a link?

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This was used as the a thumbnail for this video www.youtube.com/watch?v=kklAVF…
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Yeah that happens a lot with this one.
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Man I so want the Xo-1
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Such a beautiful sight ^_^
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From left to right:
The Chosen One, The Sole Survivor, The Vault Dweller, The Lone Wanderer.
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This is so awesome!! :la:
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i love power armor in fact im making ww1 style power armor and robots lazers ect. check it out 
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my favorite is the x-01!
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someone please make fallout 4 gmod power armour models
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Where. Is. The. Hellfire. Armor. Bethesda?
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Don't worry man, Dogtooth and Unoctium are making the Hellfire Power armor as a mod!
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In the trash where it belongs.
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I like how it is structured so that from right to left, it shows the progression of power armory throughout US history. First, the T45 was created to give the US a fighting chance against Chinese Stealth suits and other technologies. Second, the T51 was used in the battle of Anchorage, Alaska. Third, the T60 was used at the very end of the war and was used for both controlling the American population and fighting Chinese Communists. Finally, the X-01 was used as the greatest creation of American engineering, and was destined to dig America out of the ashes of the apocalypse.
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Always love seeing the faces of all the main Fallout series
T-51- Fallout 1
X-01- Fallout 2
T-45- Fallout 3
T-60- Fallout 4
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There's also the Mid-Western power armor variants from BOST. But since that game isn't considered canon, that armor probably doesn't actually exist in Fallout lore.
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Or rather...
Recycled and remade to the X-02 (Advanced Power Armor MK-II).
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All right. Let's see what we can see.
Everybody on-line. Looking good.
Damn Me love those new power armor suits, especially Me favorite Mk2.#1 
Absolutely love this picture quality is right near bloody perfect.Winner 
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I've got all types
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That's the way to do it.
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You're missing a power armor. The Space Marine Power Armor.
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What do you mean by that? I'm not quite getting it.
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