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Hell of a Place

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Doomslayer and Scorpion grazing in their natural habitat.

Made with Garry's Mod and Photoshop

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cool team up idea

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Seeing Doom Slayer in MK11 and Scorpion in Smash Bros would be awesome
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if Spawn and Ghost Rider was added, it would be perfect
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Two swordsmen too angry to die. Too angry for Hell. They should team up with Guts.

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Music Note Bullet (Black) - F2U Fear Factory - Zero Signal

▶️(00:25) —⚪—————————— (5:56)

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I have two things for them  Gift by NotLedgerHeiserman   Gift by NotLedgerHeiserman
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Imagine if Doomguy (or Doom Slayer) would make it in MK11... Truly a dream come true!
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And fatality would be a Doom Slayer performing glory move
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Doomslayer: Your soulstealing is no menace where I do things.

Shang Tsung: Neither is your hellslaying where I act, Doomslayer.

Doomslayer: Your victims are the next in Hell, before you.

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This just reminds me that doomguy should be in mortal kombat 11
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... only guy missing would by ghostrider ... or spawn ... or both ...
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Dude, in my obscure opinion, Scorpion should be in the power level of Spawn or/and Ghost Rider. I think he would be 50% of the guy who puts the villains and sinners into their eternal damnations in the Netherrealm.


My dude, Ghost Rider defeated Mephisto in his own realm. Do you know how powerful Mephisto is?

He was destroying a galaxy as a mere side-effect of his battle with Galactus. Had the battle continued, the universe would have been at risk.

Spawn is also extremely powerful, having defeated strong opponents like the devil and even God Himself (or Herself in this case)

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Relax, I could make a good concept for Scorpion out of these levels. 👍

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Excellent and flawless dynamic duo
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Doomslayer and Bloodrayne for next Mortal Kombat guest characters!
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Doom guy vs scorpion
Fight of the century
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Looks like quite the road trip those two have been taking :nod:
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OH MY GOD My emotional hell excited happy Happy/Victorious Good Luck Markiplier Emoticon , This would be so fucking cool
DoomGuy and Scorpion vs Hell itself.

"Rip and Tear!"
"Get Over Here"
Mortal Kombat plus Doom Mix theme
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