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Girls' Night Out

They just wanted to have a normal night out. But then a rip in the space-time continuum spewed out Nazis from an alternate version of the 1960's. Shit went down.

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"Loosen up, live a little, have a few drinks." they said.

It seriously gets better the longer you stare at it. One girl is going to bash a dude straight in the face with a bottle of whiskey. One dude is about to get his head split open from a bar stool. The one dude in front is getting his face pounded out, and one of the bigger guys is already K.O.d on the floor. I absolutely love brawls like this.

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*Very confused German screeching*  
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All they went to the "technically Legal" that night.

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......Hmmm.....back at the Legion...
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Lara: This is worse than the Bottle incident back in the Nine-bells.

I wouldn't be surprised if that's what Lara was thinking.
Wow, did the Wolfenstein Nazi's pick the wrong bar to crash. Who is the woman fighting the soldier Claire is on the back of, by the way?
I think that this has been a very confusing day for both parties
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It's a good thing valkyr from warframe isn't there because is she was she will probably just start using hysteria on them
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I imagine the other bar patrons are just watching and making bets
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That Nyx though
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I get the feeling B.J. Blazkowicz is just sitting in the sidelines...feeling sorry for the Nazis.
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"Zis bar iz now under ze aufority of ze Serd Riche! You vill all submit for immediate processing!"

"The fuck we will. We're in the middle of something."

"Know your place voman. Respect ze superior gender."



"Superior gender?"

"Ja. Superior gender. I am ze man und you are ze vom--" *CRASH* "DID YOU JUZT HITZ ME VITH A FUCKING CHAIR!?!"

"I did. And for the record, superior gender or not, you still shriek like a little bitch."


"And now we're gonna make all of you pussies our bitches."

"Eep!" *Sounds of several grown men pissing themselves in total fear*

"GET 'EM!!!"
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I really like Lightning and Samus in civilian clothes.
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I like how sophitia is beating one of them to the ground. I think she should have used her heaven's arch throw instead.
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Even those in Armors and Head Gears?
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No. Those are SS black guards guys from Wolfenstein
Never get between girls and ladies' night.
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