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Combine Soldiers

Testing out a model my homeboy :iconsuperninjanub: is working on. Concept art styled Combine troops from Half-Life 2.

Garry's Mod and Photoshop

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DOPE! Watching and Fav!

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These look like a vision of occupying aliens circa the 1990s. Very appealing. Is the gun original as well? Is there any further development on these?
Will these ever release?
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Where did you get these models?
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I want to use these models in HL2
I've got a new combine harvester lol
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Do a scene like this with a spartan and some odst troopers .... That might look pretty cool
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No. Don't ever tell me to do something again.
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released yet? 
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that weapon doe
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Way better than the ingame models. Nice job :)
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We're here for the Freeman....

and possibly Breen's Water.
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Great Render :D (Big Grin) 
Wish I Had These Models
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WE COME....only for the DONUTS!

.....and coffee. 
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I imaged it to be at a subway and right across from them is a coffee and donuts shop.
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They look a bit cartoonish. I like it!
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