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Battlefront 3: Trandoshan Border

I had this crappy thing sitting on my hard drive for a few months and I figured I'd post it. The clouds and the planet in the sky are from a random Google search so sorry in advance to the owners of those two images for not giving proper credit.

A Star Wars Battlefront remake of the loading screen for Caspian Border from Battlefield 3.

Made with Garry's Mod and Photoshop

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Why am I crying?
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Amazing. Beautiful work!

It quite reminds me of Battlefield 3 & 4 tho lol
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Little did we know, time has come. Only a year after you made this pic ).
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Too bad Space Battles (the best thing about SWBF2) and Clone-Wars modes are either axed or are going to be day-one DLC, as per EA's practices of sucking the fun out of most licenses they purchase.
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PLEASE... Let Star Wars Battlefront 3 have something like this!
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It's being made by DICE so it might be.
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Very cool! Looks great
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That's because I put it in the picture.
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Damn those Trandoshans!
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How did you do this "Sparks" or "Firelines"?, I searched so much Time in Youtube to see, how to make that!.....can you tell me your Secret? :D.
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MuFFinFr3ak's avatar MUSST Remember <33 :DD. Or just say me the Name of this Effect, i searched for Sparkles, Sparks, Firelines, BF3 Glowlines etc. ...nothing found :(...
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Bomb those silly Trandos! This is awesome.
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low altitude bombing
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