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April 8, 2014
And The Wind Began to Howl by lonefirewarrior A truly amazing fan art of multiple cool characters all in one crazy cross over kick ass team. Very nice idea, well done
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And The Wind Began to Howl

One day people will ask why a bounty hunter jumped from one galaxy to another to fight someone else's war. Tell them he was a Mandalorian. They'll understand.

Been a while since I made one of these. The image of silhouettes moving through the rain goes through my head every time I hear "All Along the Watchtower" and I had to do something about it. This almost ended up being a Vietnam War themed picture, but the Fett-Man called out to me and said, "Nah homie. It's my time to shine." I couldn't refuse.

Inspired by(as I already said):
"All Along the Watchtower" - The Jimi Hendrix Experience…

The rest of the series:…

Garry's Mod and Photoshop

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