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Seviper And Ekans VS Smugleaf

By LoneClone
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That's right, more Smugleaf :D.
Just doin' what I can to support the yet to be confirmed meme.

Anyways. Seviper and Ekans are not amused at the fact that Tsutarja (Smugleaf) is a Snake pokemon with LIMBS (wtf awesomesauce) and their attempt at intimidating the badass fails miserably.

Haters gonna hate

Read about the new Smugleaf meme here:[link]

Do what you can to support this meme's confirmation!
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and Smugleaf would say in the grasshole show
I bid you adieu
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Smug + leaf = Smugleaf Snivy...NOT being upset 
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Snivy does realize that his final evolution makes him lose his arms, right? Sweating a little... 
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Actually, only his/hers legs, the arms are still there, those little leaves on the sides of its body where arms would normally be.
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Oh, well I never really bothered to check since I choose Tepig and my second would have been Oshawatt if that's how u spell it
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So yeah, r u gonna get the new game?
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As soon as I get my hands on a 3DS. Dam it Nintendo, why make a game that can't be used on a normal DS ?!
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U AIN'T GOT ONE, HOW R U STILL ALIVE?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!!!
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The only Grass-Starter worth choosing.
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I would add Treecko,but this is late.
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Theres infact a type of "snake" with limbs called a skink and thats what Snivy mostly is :iconmuahahaplz:
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Who else but Smugleaf? :D
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lol wait until it's final evolution XD

nice pic by the way :la:
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lol wanted to put

"lol wait until it's final evolution, it won't have arm's or leg's and it can still 'kick' their buts"

there we go that sounds better :la:
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awesome job!
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the clapping reminds me of Ocelot from MGS2, great pic of Smug owning the most arrogant snakes on God's green earth (lol)
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it's already a meme to me.
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:icontrollfaceplz: Problem limbless snakes?
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