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Yokai Monsters: Tengu

The Tengu is a race of supernatural creatures who seem to lead a monk-like life on montain tops. They ofter appear bird-like, and are feared for their great fighting skills.
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I definitely remember fighting something like that
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Well, if you want to be exact, it's a Karasu-Tengu (Crow-Tengu), which is the lower form of Tengu. The others are called Great-Tengu and are depicted with red skin, human faces and a very long nose.
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Thanks for clearing that up :)
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Kool. this is a really awesome painting of a Karasu Tengu, one of my favorite yokai.
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Very Nice ^^ where do you find your info for these creatures?
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There are info about the Yokai monsters all over the web, and in a few good books. The Tengu seem to be able to have a myriad of appearences. they're often referred to as bird-like, so that's what I focused on.
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Cool Gillar detaljer,na :D
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