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Yokai Monsters: Tanuki

The Tanuki, the Japanese raccoon dog, is a bringer of good luck and fortune, but also of mischief. He may be mostly known for his impressive set of testicles! This image was done for a book project about the creatures of japanese folklore.
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My dudes got some balls

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Very versatile balls too; the Tanuki use them for all sorts of stuff.

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Underneath those testicles is one Chipmunk regretting he ever made a cutting remark on the weight of that smug Tanuki.

It's good stuff again and I see inks and watercolours were a prefered choice in this piece. Was there any particular brand that you used at the time?
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There might be a whole village of chipmunks under those balls.

I used to practice watercoloring some years back, but I find the technique a bit too slow nowadays, and I do all my coloring in Photoshop. I still have my old watercolors and they're a Russian brand with very strong pigments. I'm afraid I don't have the package they came in, and I can't remember the brand. But I also liked Pelican's watercolors.

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They sound like quality stuff. It's Daler Rowney Cotman's and Tombo Markers for me on that note. I guess with Watercolours it can be a bit of tribulation to get an effective scan to do the painting justice, especially with solid black inks, so it's understandable why digital gives some comfort to micromanage different tones and layers.

But yeah it does looks good what you did back then, along with the other Yokai chaps. Good stuff, man. :)

p.s. Also not pictured: Tanuki's shifty eyebrows. :P
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I'm glad mine a regular-sized :)
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I forgot to mention that Japanese lore (kitsunes, kappas, etc.) is full of deplorable horrors and shocks...
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In a fan-fic I did at my peak, THE THIRD LIFEFORM, Casper teams up with AstroBoy. In one scene, Spooky roams the dockside and we have a glimpse of kappas and then he has a run-in with jissouseki. He finally loses his temper !
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So.......Mario party?
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when i saw this picture i immediately thought about this.…
This is great your style is awesome. And the fact that you gave Him huge nuts is perfect. I like Him allot.

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Thanks! Actually, his nuts are probably not huge enough :)
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