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Yokai Monsters: Ningyo

Ningyo are Japanese merpeople, said to resemble a cross between a fish and a monkey.
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That looks my tale on the Irish merrow
castlegardener's avatar
wow....this would be an incredible puppet
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I didn't know about the Japanese version of mermaids until I read Mermaid Forest by Rumiko Takahashi. :o (Eek)  It was not what I expected, either from folklore or the creator! Stare 
AnticiaJK's avatar
I like your series a LOT!
I like your inking, giving all kind of fitting textures to the different creatures, also the colouring is really organic, I'm glad you did it traditionally. :3
And your display of the youkais is good, too, keeping all the traditional looks, but havin a touch of your own by displaying it in your own style. ^_^
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Many thanks for your very nice and thoughtful comments! It would be nice to stick all these illustrations in a book, but there are already some good books on the subject.
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Haha, there is never enough of this subject :la:
At least one more GREAT one never hurts! :D
Then again I get what you mean, it's not easy to find a publisher and get enough attention when it's so many outside, hehe.
I'm planning to do a little "monster book" myself, too, but that will be just a little handmade stuff, I don't think it would make too much "noise" otherwise. ^^'
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Glad you liked it! :)
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Nice work! Probably based on that first "mermaid" that some sailor made by sewing a monkey and fish together a looong time ago. *lol* Or maybe not... depends on how old the legend is I guess. :)
Loneanimator's avatar
What?? You mean they didn't have any fish monkeys in Japan?
YikYik's avatar
*lol* Of... course they did. :pat: :XD:
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whatever it is, it's nice
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