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Yokai Monsters: Kitsune

The Japanese fox; a supernatural trickster possessing great magic, and growing more powerful for each new tail it grows.
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Lovely art but the kitsune always seemed too cute and adorable to make a good monster.

The Korean kitsune, the gumiho now, that would make a heck of a monster.
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Really like your art style, and this kitsune is just so adorable ^^ 
Loneanimator's avatar
Thanks! As always, there are so many different versions of Yokai creatures. This is my personal version of the Kitsune.
Wintershades's avatar
ooh there are, as so much is up for interpretation or how the bakemono changes form and appearance. And sure the kitsune yokai can shapeshift into a human, and most kitsune's I've seen are.. white haired humans with fox ears and a tail, or an "ordinary" little fox. I like this version of yours a lot better, it's a nice change of pace :)
EmmetEarwax's avatar
Makes me think of PryzmKitsune who depicted himself so. In the story he seduces a small thylacine girl and after unnatural sex, performs death and resurrection magic. The guy got very edgy, constantly taking down and putting back up his pictures !
EmmetEarwax's avatar
Looks disturbingly like Pryzm a pedo kitsune from InkBunny.,The artist is hardly less weird. 
oc-character-maker's avatar
another monster related to the kitsune is the Yoko. they also have multiple tails and are basically the same as kitsune but they are know to be born with mainly more than one tail, and do not grown any more tails than they are born with, though they can become stronger.
AndyBlueEyes's avatar
Very well done, hope u can make more yokai monsters in the near fututre
TenkoSama9's avatar
Excellent very inspirational.
JPkeeper22's avatar
My total fave Japanese mythical animal!!!!
JPkeeper22's avatar
Sorry but that was not needed. 'Its a creature actually' would have been a lot more polite
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Nice :D gillar detaljerna
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