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Yokai Monsters: Karakasa-obake

The "Umbrella Ghost" is another popular Yokai. It belongs to a special sort of supernatural beings called tsukumo-gami -household objects that come to life when they turn a hundred years old. This image was done for a book project about the creatures of japanese folklore.
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nice work and really liked them in the Yokai monster movies
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Yep, those movies are really cool!

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shame they're hard to find with english subs
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My favourite yokai ever ♥
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This hasn't happened to my old umbrella yet :)
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Glad you like him/her/it! :)
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By the way, did you know the Super Mario monster, the Goomba, was originally supposed to be one of these, but they couldn’t make it look right in 6 bit graphics, so Nintendo just rolled with it when everyone else assumed that they, too, were a kind of mushroom.
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They probbaly did the right thing there. Those mushrooms are world famous now.
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UNFAIRLY NEGLECTED household objects. Umbrellas that are used lovingly, and maintained to the best of the owner’s ability, will not come back after they are totally worn out beyond possible repair. A huge chunk of the point of these stories was to drive home the moral necessity and responsibility of practical craftsmanship. Imagine throwing away a working iPhone because it simply had an ugly crack, and 100 years later it comes back as a techno demon, sworn to get revenge on Your descendants for dumping it for a petty reason. Same concept.
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I try to take very good care of my old household items! 
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There was this weird Japanese tween adventure movie i saw a few years ago where a yokai of anger found a way of accelerating the 100 year transformation process and was basically raising an army of modern garbage monsters to seek revenge against humans. A morality play against wasteful consumerism, basically.
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Damn Pallysol! You scary!
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Wow. I've seen this picture of this spirit before. I just didn't realize you made it. Good stuff.
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Glad you like my little version of it :)
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What a fantastickal beastie!
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I love karakasa <3 so funny !
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Is this where the kirby monster came from?
Just wow..
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The sandal & lantern ones are just as surreal. :)
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Really, aside from the Kappa, this is the only real Yokai monster I am familiar with. And that is mostly from the 3 Yokai monster movie's that were done in the 60's. Awesome work though!
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Hm. Makes me think of some sort of demonic Snorunt...
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awesome drawing but this thing makes me go... Da fuq?
and is this from a book? or a video game?
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