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Yokai Monsters: Bakeneko

The Bakeneko is a cat who either grows to be over a 100 years, or grows unnaturally large, or grows such a big tail it forks into two. The cat then becomes a demonic creature with a trickster mentality. Some Bakeneko are dangerous to humans.
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Regardless of them getting mixed up or not doing research, it is very good art.
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How's my nekomata OC?  Bad pun?

Meko Ref by Tnynfox   Eyes Boba Tea by Tnynfox   slime fireflies by Tnynfox
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your mixed up, the nekomata is what your thinking of, bakenekos are cats who where tortured by their owners and died at a normal cat age but came back to life with the ability to transform into a human. bakenekos only have one tail. nekomata's have two cause nekomata literally means " forked cat"  bakeneko literally means " transforming cat" plz tell this to everyone you told that too. make sure to completely study a monster before you do this because you may be wrong just like in this case ( im sorry im not trying to be mean or rude... its just the way i am i guess)
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It pisses me off people don't do their research 
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Oh just so you know don't EVER sit on busby's stoop chair 
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