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Yokai Monsters: Azukiarai

The Azukiarai is a bean-washing spirit. A very harmless fellow, apparently.
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It's funny how this character appears human, the Kakuranger series made him look less than humanSherlock Holmes 
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I like how Japanese folklore has many 'harmless' demons, or just 'caothic neutral', like the Kappas, that won't attack if not attacked or in need for something and etc, i found it interesting, realistic(since people are not automatically evil or good depending on their race or country), and it also adds a certain depth and doubt to the legends. i'm very interested in these kind of creatures since my mother used to read me old arabian tales about Djin's (whom are also good or evil, depending solely on their personality) when i was a little kid. not downgrading european folklore in any way, which is probably my favorite folklore, and also has creatures like these, like fairies and mermaids for instance , but they are rather rare.
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If eating a person is harmless, then sure. :)