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Yokai Monsters: Ao-nyobo

The Blue Woman is a female ghoul inhabiting old ruins. She'll eat you whole if you meet her, of course.
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There are never any pleasant yokai, are there?
Just like how there are never any pleasant fairies.
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Well, the yokai seem to be the Japanese equivalent of the traditional European fae; or should we say the fae are European yokai?

It’s funny how Yokai is typically translated as demon now while fairies are “harmless” now.
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Yeah. I think the Chinese word shen (which means something like 'supernatural being') also gets loosely translated as 'demon' these days.

I see it most often translated as ‘god’
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Well, there are a few that help you out in your household.
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i want my mommy!!! scary i would ran the other way if she comes after me, i would ran like a bat out of hell 
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her smile is creepy
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She looks like the Lady Macbeth character in Kurosawa's magnificent film, Throne of Blood!!!
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