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Tsathoggua idol

"You shall know Tsathoggua by his great girth and his batlike furriness and the look of a sleepy black toad which he has eternally." There's been quite a few Cthulhu idols made and I thought I'd do another deity from the Mythos. Tsathoggua is worshipped in Clark Ashton Smith's primeval Hyperborea. This idol is about 35 cm tall. It's cast in black plastic resin and drybrushed with bronze paints. The original sculpture was made with Chavant clay and a silicone mold was made for making castings. Tsathoggua was created over two weekends while Creedence Clearwater Revival and Jethro Tull was blaring from my workshop stereo (for no particular reason).
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I never understood how Tsoggy can can sleep in that position. It doesn't look too comfortable.

It's beautiful :heart: And looks so real, as if he's about to snack on us any second now!

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Maybe he's one of those guys that can sleep anywhere in any position?

“He who sleeps in dim N’kai”. Excellent work

Amazing piece! Love it!  How can I order one of these?
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I read through an obscure book about C. A. Smith in the depths of the Oklahoma State Library once upon a time.  It was all about Smith's artwork, and there were dozens of photos of his home-made statuettes.  Your Tsathoggua would have made Klarkash-Ton proud!
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Thank you! :) He made a pretty cool stone Tsathoggua himself.
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Always remember that ANY resemblance of Tsathoggua's anatomy to anything familiar is just a concession to earth's standards of evolution.
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SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!
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Okay, I broke down and ordered one. His Horrors no doubt, knew that I would, and waited in divine slothfulness until my eventual subjugation. May be that soon my R.O.U.S. plush toy will have to relinquish his place on the high shelf. He and also the Pony of Doom. My son, I think, will take these in as refugees.
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You will also have to give up an area with a circumference of about 20 cm where to place the bottom of His Slothfulness.
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Woah! I only just very recently re-read the C.A.S. story "The Tale of Satampra Zeiros" in which an idol of Tsathoggua features quite prominently. And just like this, very exactly, is how I am sure, it must have looked in the author's own mind. Presently I'm busy translating "Genius Loci" into Esperanto (with full permission) for free distribution as an ebook on-line. I have permission to translate five, and decided only just yesterday for "The Tale of Satampra Zeiros" to be story two. As regards the other three, I have yet to make up my mind. Anyhow, this is a very fine idol. I am amazed at the detail.
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Just chiming in. As a C.A.S. fan, my faves are The Coming of the White Worm (Smith kind of had his own "winter is coming" thing), The Abominations of Yondo, and The Seven Geases (mainly because these two were real creature features). The Dark Eidolon is truly great too. One detail that I love is that the evil wizard Namirrha keeps an Uccastrogian odalisque that connects the story with what might be my favorite, The Isle of the Torturers. 
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Thank you! :) Tsathoggua himself makes an appearence in "The Seven Geases".
Good luck with your Esperanto project. I don't speak or read the language myself, but I'm glad to hear that some still keep it alive. By the way, if you're looking for suggestions both "The Double Shadow" and "The Dark Eidolon" seem to be firm favorites among CAS fans.
The other year I recieved permission to adapt CAS stories as non-commercial YouTube videos, so I'm eager to finally get started on those :)
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What would be the cost, approximately, for an example of His Horrors, shipped to the USA? Not sure where I'd put Him. I might have to give away a couple of plush toys, namely the Pony of Doom and an R.O.U.S, to have space. But I find myself most sorely tempted.
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I'm currentlu charging $75 for a painted cast. The postal charges from Sweden to the US is outrageous, and usually goes to around $30.
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Do you take PayPal?
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I prefer PayPal. My ID is
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Sent $110 USD by PayPal just moments ago. No rush on fulfilment. I just couldn't think of a better memento for the C.A.S. translation project.
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Thank you! :) I recieved the message from PayPal. I'll start casting the Tsathoggua statue today. It'll be a resin shell filled with hard expanding polyurethane foam, sealed with more resin at the bottom of the cast. The finished casting is fairly light, but sturdy.
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And, mind you, Tsathoggua assumes this form to go along with earth's evolutionary trends.

Hyperborea was a temperate, almost tropical zone, in the tales by the above-named author. Lovecraft adopted his gods into his mythos.
"The Seven Geases"
"The Door to Saturn"
"The tale of Zatamprazeiros"
"The Ice Demon"
and so on ...
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That's quite, quite possible. Eibon meets one of his relatives on Saturn, and he looks kind of like an inverted version of Tsathoggua. Perhaps the true form of these beings?
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