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Faceless Nightgaunt

Stop-motion puppet from my fan film version of H P Lovecraft's poem "Nightgaunts". You'll find the film on YouTube here:…

If you enjoy my puppets and my YouTube stop-motion videos, and would like to see more of them, then please consider supporting my puppet projects on Patreon. For $1-$6 a month you'll recieve exclusive goodies, including puppet tutorials, and behind the scenes stuff.…
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"But OH ! If only they would make some sound !
Or wear a face where faces should be found !"

From a book that Arkham House has not reprinted.
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Saw the film loved it.
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Brilliant - I think it actually works much better as a stop-motion puppet than as a CGI model would ever work. They just look that much more alien and eerie, and since they were based on nightmares Lovecraft had as a child, it works perfectly.

Great film, perfect puppet, all-around awesome.
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Superb!!! That film gave me the shudders, I loved it!!!
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*loool* Very nice! And I love your little movies! :D
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Thanks ! :D Every once in a while, I get the feeling someone's looking at me and I turn around to find one of my puppets facing me. The Nightgaunt puppet did that to me a while ago.
There's a lot of Lovecraft fan films being made, but not many of them shows the monsters. What's the point of making a Lovecraft film if you won't show the monsters?? I think that's my mission in life -not world peace or stopping polution or anything like that; Just making sure Lovecraft's monsters show up on film.
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Haha! :XD: You'll have to put the Nightgaunt in a safe place at night then... unless you want it to fly off with you one night! :O

:D That's a great idea! :nod: And I like your interpretation of his monsters too. :) I agree, the monsters should be shown. Just not too early if it's in a real horror movie. That'd spoil the surprise and scaryness a bit. But definitely show the monster!
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By the way, I AM already trying to put an end to pollution through various organizations I'm supporting.

I think the real Lovecraft fans know very well what's coming if they're watching an adap of a Lovecraft tale. But all the same, they're interested in seeing how it's pulled off.

You can see the same stories being done over and over again: The Outsider, Pickman's Model, The Unnamable. All of these can be made either without showing the monster, or just showing something fleeting passing by. I want to do more than that. That's why I'm sweating away animating the Yith creatures and the flying polyps. Next year I'll do The Hoard of the Wizard Beast, one of his many revisions, which is a humorous fantasy with lots of weird creatures and settings. I think amateurs can do quite elaborate adaptations of Lovecraft, if they just give the projects a little extra thought.
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Well, that's really good of you. :nod: I'm not currently being that good myself. :hmm: Though I always try to buy organic food and such. :)

Yeah, that's for sure. :D Indeed!
I like the kind of movies (with monsters) where the monster is not shown in the beginning, hinted at in the middle and showed nearer the end. (I want to see it! Just not too early.) :)
I know, and I love your Yithian! :heart:
Hmm... Hoard of the Wizard Beast? Which one is that? :confused:
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If I can help our sorry world, I try to. 100 kr a month goes a long way.

I think ALIEN is one of the best monster movies ever. It may even be THE best -a school example of how to treat the monster in a suspenseful way.

"Hoard of the Wizard Beast" is a revision Lovecraft did of a manuscript written by Robert Hayward Barlow, an author and a poet from Florida, who befriended Lovecraft and R E Howard through correspondence. Lovecraft even visisted Barlow a few times. They collaborated on a few stories, including "Hoard". It's difficult to say how much of that story is Lovecraft, since it's a very unusual form for him. You could say it's cynical fantasy. In short, the hero is the keeper of the city's treasure vault, but since he has neglected his duties terribly, thieves have nibbled away at the treasure until it's completely gone one day. After consulting the the priests of a nearby temple, he is told to fetch the hoard of the wizard-beast, the most fearsome legendary monster on the planet. He reluctantly sets out armed with a magic cloak, a blessed sword, etc, but is promptly eaten by the huge blob-like wizard-beast.
It's very weird and terribly droll -You can, I suppose, see Lovecraft poking fun at the manly adventure tales of R E Howard. It's like Lovecraft saying "Look, this is what would REALLY happen". It's been published as a slim, single volume by S T Joshi in 1994. Here's the full text online:
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Before I try to read it, I might add that Jack Vance wrote "The Dying Earth" set in an incalculably remote future of Earth. Most of the venturers are heroes (Turjan, Ulan Dhor, ..)but Liane the Wayfarer is despicable and cruel. He seeks the enigmatic and nonhuman Chun the Unavoidable, to steal back a tapestry he stole. His magic "from antique days" fails to effect an escape...
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I really like the Dying Earth stories. Just an abundance of imagination!
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Indeed! :nod: (Sorry for ages late reply!)

I agree there! Best movie(s) ever! I love Aliens more than Alien though and finds it scarier, but that's probably because I saw that one first and had no idea what I was to expect! :fear: The first movie I saw several years later. But they're both great and scary movies. The way it should be, scary monsters, not shown if full daylight after 5 minutes and good story. :heart: Third movie is good and the fourth... :| Lets pretend it didn't happen...

*lol* I see. I had never heard of it before. I'll go read it now... :reading:
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Yes, I'm shocked by the late reply! Who are you anyway??

I saw Alien first, and I really like Aliens. But they're two completely different movies. I don't care for any of the rest.

I've started working on "Hoard of the Wizard-Beast". I spoke to my "star" actor the other day. He's moved from Blekinge to Skåne, which might make his participation a bit trickier than before. We'll aim at shooting all of his scenes in just one day, which we have done before.
I'll have to finish some other stuff first though.
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