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Dream Octopoid Creature



This stop-motion puppet is based on this design by KingOvRats:
It was built for a proposed film project adapting H P Lovecraft's "The Dreams In the Witch House", but at this point the project seems to be resting. This creature is briefly mentioned in one of the many delirious dreams suffered by the story's protagonist, Walter Gillman. The background is composed of drawings by Ernst Haeckel from his "Art Forms In Nature."

If you enjoy my puppets and my YouTube stop-motion videos, and would like to see more of them, then please consider supporting my puppet projects on Patreon. For $1-$6 a month you'll recieve exclusive goodies, including puppet tutorials, and behind the scenes stuff.
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Puppets? Check
Lovecraftian Inspiration? Check
Vaguely Aquatic in Nature? Check

I really love this. Especially the texture work! It's very high in detail and sells the realism. It's slouched forward posture with clear round orbs for eyes give it an almost docile appearance but it's juxtaposed with its elongated snout that seems clearly used for sawing and impaling. Definitely Watching you and favoriting this. I'm a sucker for puppets, Lovecraft, and stop motion.