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Attack of the Giant Leeches

A little B-movie gem from 1959.
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I love this film.
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Got this movie, just watched it, the old stuff is great to me! Hated to see the cheating blonde slut die.
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It's a pretty neat little movie, isn't it? I really like the characters in this one.
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Except the Park Ranger, he was just a jerk by the book type. It didn't matter people was disappearing and dying and even the animals disappeared but he still arrested the doc who proved there was something in the swamp. Still he pressed charges against the doc, JERK! The Cheating blonde was hot, the fat old shop keeper should of known he married way above his level. She just wanted to get out of a bad situation and latched on the first guy who would do it.
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I saw this on MSTK3 (I rag on that show alot, although some of the films deserved to be mocked I will admit) and with all the wisecracks they did Im pretty sure I remember them only going "ugh" and "gross!" when the Leeches started to feed on the screaming was effective.
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I mean, the actual concept itself is pretty darn strong, even with clumsily realised monsters.
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Like The Killer Shrews using dogs, it was clumsy FX but an effective film. Even the smarmy robots had to admit it was a decent film.
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Fun brilliant stuff!!  
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Thanks! Old monsters still do their job :)
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Leaps and bounds better looking then the actual movie, makes me wonder if these guys are what Mattel based the He-Man villain Leech off of, those big suction cup mouths n' all! Great job :w00t:!
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Thanks! I do what I can for the old B-monsters ;) (Wink) 
I still have my old Leech doll :)
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"I'm a Hollywood agent! Trust me! You can be a star in the pictures! Is this the face of a liar? You'll be famous!"
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"Come over here and meet my associate!"
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"Why, ....Hellllooooo Starlet!"
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Wes Craven's 'Day of the Tentacle'! ;p

awesome work. actually makes this cheesy movie look cool.
I must have seen that movie a dozen times when I was a kid. Loved it. 
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A fun little flick, to be sure!!! :w00t:
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A classic b-movie for sure!

I agree with the poster who said your monsters look better than those in the film. :)
This piece really  brings back the memories, this movie terrified me as a little guy
Still creeps me hard to this day. Nice work man.
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Thanks! It's a pretty solid little B-movie. I think its reputation as a z-movie is a bit unfair.
I agree, I think it is very under appreciated. The soundtrack alone is enough to give you nightmares.
That scene in the underwater cave, yahahah! 
Good stuff man.
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Very nice work! I've heard of this film before but I can't recall if I've seen it myself (if I did, it was probably on Mystery Science Theater if they ever covered that film lol). Still, very intense scene, you captured the lady's terror nicely in this swamp setting and the leeches look quite menacing
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Yep, MST3K covered this one with their usual zest! Thanks for your nice comments :)
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