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Halls Ravine by londonxpress Halls Ravine by londonxpress
The Photo

I've always been discouraged by overcast weather but that is starting to change as I've discovered that clouds often provide the right type of lighting for certain scenes - especially forests! During the past weekend we had a lot of rain and many rivers, streams etc flooded their banks. When I drove up to Halls Harbour on the shore of the Bay of Fundy I hiked the Eco Trail (which runs through a ravine behind the tiny fishing community). The water was much higher than I've ever seen it and was moving pretty quickly. I took several shots standing within the water but the ones that I liked the most were actually taken on solid ground.

The overcast light really brought out the colours of the leaves - making for a lush scene that can't be seen when there are clear skies. It also allowed me to shoot a longer exposure than normally possible because of the dim light (13 seconds). I was lucky because there wasn't any wind moving through the area - the leaves of ferns came out nice and crisp and don't show signs of movement. One thing to keep in mind is this: always be aware of where your tripod legs are! I manged to shoot a bunch of frames with a leg in the lower corner (I had to crop the bottom of this shot to take it out - silly me!).

I didn't use the Singh-Rays on this one - just a Tiffen Polarizer to cut the glare of the water and a Hoya ND 8x to reduce the amount of light even further. Saturation levels on the camera were kept at 0 - the Tiffen did a great job of bringing out those natural colours!



Canon EOS 20D | Canon 10-22mm | Canon TC-80N3 Remote Timer | ISO 100 | f10 | s13 | Tiffen Polarizer | Hoya ND 8x | Manfrotto 190CL Tripod |
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June 11, 2006
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