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Kathak Ankle Bells

By Londonlime
These are bells for Kathak dance, the Indian dance form which is one of the ancestors of Flamenco. Focus of the dance style is rhythm, a lot of it abstract and evolving.

The bells are plaited onto a rope. You can see some loose bells on the right hand side of the photograph. The rope is wound around the ankles and tied together. These only have fifty bells per rope, a professional will have a hundred per rope, which weighs a lot!

The padauk flooring they are sitting on is naturally bright red which I felt nicely set off the bright gold of the bells.
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mayaa199313's avatar
Absloutley gorgeous! Beautiful picture!
laublack's avatar
Beautiful picture!
I have just started my Kathak lessons And I love it so much!
I can't wait to have my own ghungroos!
aamira-ji's avatar
Nice photo!!! I will have my kathak anklets by the end of november from my friend who's in India right now :)
Londonlime's avatar
excellent! enjoy them! are you going to dance with them?
I haven't done any kathak for ages, although I still mean to go back. I've been doing flamenco for a while now.
aamira-ji's avatar
Well, I'm still waiting for them, they're coming from India and should reach me soon :) Flamenco is quite similar, I think :) I love flamenco music...
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I hope you have your Kathak bells now! How is it going? :)
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oh, I have to buy myself ones. How much did you pay for them..?
Londonlime's avatar
I can't quite remember. Probably about 12 pounds I think. I've got various sets, since I used to do this type of dance. There are different sizes according to the numbers of bells. 25 for beginners (per foot), 50 for those who are better, and 100 for those who are good. The professional dancers will have them made properly and 'tuned' (making sure all of the bells sound similiar).
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