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Velma is a Colourist Cat

I should be busy with other stuff, but another contest caught my imagination!


For inspiration I've returned to the style of the 'Scottish Colourists.' Again the style of Samuel Peploe (1871–1935) was on my mind. 

To recap, this group of artists were: Francis Cadell, Leslie Hunter, Samuel Peploe and J D Fergusson. Fergusson is often viewed as the leader of the group. Working in Scotland and the UK in the 1920's, they took inspiration from the Fauvist movement in France. I've dabbled with a few of this gang before and - hopefully - will do so again. I love their use of colour and form!

As always, I hope this one legged Velma amuses more than she offends.

And, as always, many thanks to those who stop by here and leave encouraging words or useful feedback. It's truly appreciated!  :) (Smile)  

Best wishes,

Velma - being naked isn't tuba bad is it?

It feels like forever since I posted a Submission. I missed out on a few cool contest themes too. :/

Finally, though, I had some time over the last day or so to put together an idea or two for this Contest - over at sexyvoluptuosvixens - a Contest all about trying to conceal nudity with unusual items!

I'm toying with another idea at the moment, so I don't know if this Velma will find her way into the Contest, but it might. :)…

My thoughts went (roughly in this order) to her nudity being concealed by a bunch of flowers, to a flag of some sort back to flowers again and then - oh yeah...a tuba.

Why a tuba? Well, I was listening to some Philip Glass and he's perhaps done more for the brass section of the orchestra these days than most other composers! :) It got me thinking about the tuba and how useful it would be for concealing unexpected nudity.

For art style, I've borrowed, without attempting to imitate, the colour scheme and speedy lines of Jules Chéret (1836-1932). Chéret is more famous as a graphic designer and poster artist. It was his use of yellow and blue which came to mind when thinking about the tuba. I noticed how much yellow was going to sit at the centre of the composition and it brought to mind the lovely works of Chéret. :) It didn't escape my recollection about how much Chéret loved featuring vivacious young ladies showing a lot of contoured female thigh in his work too!

Now associated with the Belle Époque, Jules Chéret was brought up in Paris, he worked as an apprentice lithographer and also trained in London - where he found inspiration in the contemporary poster art that was emerging in London. Around this time he began creating posters for cabaret acts, the Follies Bergeres (opening in 1869) and others. His first major commission was in 1858 - a poster for Offenbach's 'Orpheus in the Underworld; (famous, of course, for bringing the world the fabled can-can music!) and also for Eugène Rimmel (yeah, the same guy behind Rimmel cosmetics and marketing early mass produced make-up products!). It's almost too French for words! :) Through this time Chéret was refining his idea and presentation. Posters have been around for ever, but now Chéret was reducing the importance and the words and text to convey impact and shifting the focus onto the image itself. His posters were visually impressive - being on average about eight feet high, Chéret also made heavy use of yellow, red and blue. This being a side-effect of his developing of an improved lithographic process. In which the three inks were used. Chéret's innovation was a subtle way of layering the inks, so as to create strange effects - earlier processes had simply used flat colour schemes.

Jules's work (over 1,000 posters by the end of his career) was influenced by the vibrant and lively ladies depicted by the Rococo artist Fragonard (1732-1806) and in turn was a huge influence on Tolouse-Lautrec and most poster artists who followed them both. It's not by coincidence that the average poster/advert these days features an average of only eight words.

In a gesture of his influence, Lautrec sent to Chéret a copy of every poster he made!

As always, I hope this musically inclined single-legged Velma amuses more than she offends.

And, as always, many thanks to those who stop by here and leave encouraging words or useful feedback.

It's always appreciated!  
:) (Smile)  

Velma - panties and peg leg

The terrible fire at Notre Dame shook me.

Thankfully no one died. Some of the main windows are intact. There's a lot to be thankful for.

But it inspired me to think about French art and artists, something by way of a nod to the great culture of France.

A contest here is all about panties. Yeah, I know. I probably could think of something more 'erudite' than that by way of a respectful nod to France, but what can you do...?

For an art style I wanted to explore one of the most enduring of French art - the comic strips and stories of Becassine the maid!

The stories were drawn by Emile-Joseph Pinchon (1871 - 1953) - and were first published in 1905! Many decades ahead of Tin-Tin, Pinchon pioneered the Ligne Clair ('clear line') style later adopted by Georges 'Herge' Remi.  Joseph was certainly an interesting man. He worked hard as an artist, fought in World War One (working as a camouflager for the army) and even directed several early films after the War!

Good natured, if clumsy, Becassine is often depicted without a mouth, letting her gestures and eyes do the expressing. She's painted or drawn with wonderful simplicity - and it was Pinchon's painted covers of the Becassine books which inspired this Submission.

Today would have been Joseph's 148th birthday too!

As always, I hope this single-legged Velma amuses more than she offends.

And, as always, many thanks to those who stop by here and leave encouraging words or useful feedback.

It's always appreciated!  
:) (Smile)  

Vive la France!


Velma as Harley Cosplay - Kobe style 1.0

Nothing like a contest to get you thinking.

And this contest set me thinking more than usual. It's all about cosplay. I love cosplay. I love the idea that Velma might cosplay too!

But what would it be?

I toyed with the idea of Marilyn Monroe, or Princess Leia. Even some retro themed like a Conan princess or a Flash Gordon queen. I knew I wanted to tackle the art style of Bill Koeb (b 1965) and this began to form my view of which costume to select.

I love Bill's work. He has a strange way of using muted colour palettes. It can be disturbing. It's usually just impressive! He has an unusual way of using washes and glazes to add mood to his paintings. It's certainly something that struck me about his work. The washes and glazes. I'd never really experimented too much with that. So the use of muted colour and glaze is what I wanted to explore. Bill mentioned in his interview how much he wanted to leave in the 'traces' of his work too. The marks and lines that helped construct his painting. In deference to that idea, I left as much of the 'sketch' lines in as I was able for this Submission. I did two versions of this Submission. I'll post the other later.

There is a strange mix of immediacy and thoughtfulness in Bill's work that you don't see much these days. Bill has worked as an art tutor, Fine Artist, illustrator and comic book artist. Though mostly focusing on Fine Art and exhibitions these days, I watched a YouTube interview with him the other day and he was talking about his influences and work and expressed a desire to get back into comic books. I hope he does!

Growing up in LA, Bill was fortunate enough to be able to meet a few of his art heroes in his youth! After attending art school, he went into commercial art full-time.

Bill spoke about how much he admires the work of Bernie Fuchs,
Bill Sienkiewicz, Richard Diebenkorn, George Pratt - all artists I've explored here and who's work I personally enjoy too. The influence of Mark English really comes across in Bill's work as well.

As always, I hope this single-legged cosplaying Velma amuses more than she offends.

And, as always, many thanks to those who stop by here and leave encouraging words or useful feedback.

It's always appreciated!  
:) (Smile)  

Best wishes,

Velma - Gynoid Mk1

Argh. So much time taken up with all that stuff that distracts from art and catching up with all the cool artists and authors I follow here!

But, I had an evening of R&R, so decided to catch up on some DevArt stuff! Another competition!

A fantastic art group is running a contest themed around robot girls!  :) (Smile)……

For a 'droid Velma take on things, I needed something with a sci-fi feel. So I wandered into the style of Robert - Bob - Pepper (1927-2007).

You might have seen Bob's art and not known it. He produced hundreds of paintings for graphic art over his 40 year long career. I first came across his work for some piano music books. But he's mostly known for his sci-fi book covers from the 1970's and 80's. From 1981 he also did the art for 'sword and sorcery' themed board games for Milton Bradley.

Raised in California, he drew his artistic influences from Cubism, Art Nouveau and favoured dark tones with splashes of odd and idiosyncratic colour - mostly in gouache. After serving in the US Army in WW2, Bob graduated with a degree in journalism. But his passion was his family, charity work (he was involved in the Big Brother movement) and art.

As always, I hope this single-legged purple-haired robot themed Velma amuses more than she offends.

And, as always, many thanks to those who stop by here and leave encouraging words or useful feedback.

It's always appreciated!  
:) (Smile)  

Best wishes,


Here's a copy of the 30 Day Gore Challenge that is doing the rounds of the interwebs from here:-…

I'm tempted to give this a go. Fellow Deviant End-Prince already is.  :)

Post-Op by End-Prince

Though I'll avoid putting poor Velma through this nightmare ride I was thinking perhaps Daphne or Penelope Pitstop might be interesting to run through this gauntlet of horror. Or maybe the cute blonde, April Stewart from 'The Funky Phantom' or even the ditzy Brenda from the Teen Angels.

1. Amputation/Limb loss

2. Decapitation

3. Piercings/Body Mod

4. Doctors/Surgery/Medical Emergency

5. Chocking/Asphyxiation/Suffocation

6. Stitches/Self Admistered Medical Help

7. Falling/Falling to your death

8. Undead/Zombie Attack

9. Skeletons/Bones/Bones Showing 

10. Sickness/Rashes/Boils

11. Drowning

12. “Natural Causes”/Dehydration/Starvation

13. Painful Transformation

14. Bruises/Beat Up/After A Fight 

15. Nosebleed/Bleeding from orifices 

16. Decay

17. Eye Gore

18. Sliced Open Gut/Bisections/Gut spilling

19. FREE FOR ALL/Whatever you like! Mix and match! 

20. Broken Bones

21. Electrocution/Electric Shock

22. Scarification/Scars/Unintended Scars/Ritual Wounds

23. Burns/Burning/On Fire  

24. Body Horror/Extra Body Parts/Misshapen Body Parts

25. Evil Possession/Distorted Bodies/Corruption

26. Blood Bath/“After Murder”

27. Getting Crushed/Underneath Something Heavy

28. Getting Impaled/Being Impaled

29. Torture/Near Death Torture

30. Self Harm

31. Monster Attack (Happy Halloween!) 

Looks like an interesting project.


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