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Space Art - 1

I've played enough in Eve-online and was inspired to draw some space art.
Overall I am very happy with my result
spent about 2-3 hours
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Contrasting blue and red scheme has that really beautiful art effect. Good job.
цвета вах
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oh my godness i see Navi.......p.s: THIS IS AWESOME XD
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I love he use of contrasting colors here. It's so dramatic and gorgeous.
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Hello! I would like to feature your beautiful image on my blog on Amazing Stories! I will credit you, and link back to the image here on DA.
The blog is scheduled for Wednesday, 3 April – you will be able to find it by following this link: [link]
Apologies for the short notice - and please let me know if this is *not* ok with you, I will remove the image!
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Of course you can use this image on your blog. I really glad that you liked my drawing.
It seemed to me that your blog is very interesting and I will try to read it in the coming days
Starsong-Studio's avatar
Absolutely! It's a great website. :)
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that is quite pretty.
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Отлично)) Очень понравилось!
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