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Venus GTK Theme 0.1

* NEW *
I've added this GTK theme to my Launchpad PPA, so if you're an Ubuntu user, you can keep up with my updates automatically! [link]
* NEW *

This GTK theme is a nice, clean grey one, with green accents and soft yellow tooltips. Personally, I find it very calming!

I've aimed to keep it simple, so the gtkrc is built from the ground-up, only adding in bits that I absolutely needed to achieve the look. Consider it part of my learning process :)

Anyway, I hope you like it, and if you find any bugs with specific applications, or any quirks you don't expect, please do let me know so I can incorporate a fix.

To use this theme, extract the "Venus" folder to your /usr/share/themes/ directory (as root) or to ~/.themes/ (as normal user). Then select it in Gnome Appearance Preferences in the Customize... dialog.

(And in case you're curious, Metacity is elementary and icons are elementary-monochrome.)
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I like your well-balanced theming, and you've got a keene sense of colouring.
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:D Thanks very much...That's kind of you to say!
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Very nice theme, you can see it has the feminine touch!
Also loving the conky's by the way. Great to see more women getting involved in the linux and free software community :)
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Thanks very much for your comment! It's nice to hear that it's got a feminine touch, but I hope that doesn't mean you think it's girly! ;P

And yes, I would like to see more women in FOSS, but in my experience, the community has been welcoming and fair in all respects, so I don't mind being one of the few :D
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how said on uf, i like this theme! it looks light, eyefriendly, and roundness, gradients etc. are well choosen

could you figure out the "*.*.*.toolbar" thing with giant specks help?
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Thanks for the compliments! Yes, I like it too, and it's pretty simple, so I'm hoping I can do some other colour schemes with it eventually :)

No, I haven't figured out the toolbar thing yet...I'm still considering Ultrasuede a "work in progress"!
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Just wondering did you try separate style sheets for each type of menu and just add them
as includes?

maybe worth a shot...
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yeah this grey goes perfect with pastel colours...waitin eagerly for your ideas :)
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Very nice theme and very soothing indeed ^ ^ You should do one called Yoga ^ ^
What engine did you use? It is Clearlooks?
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No, it's Murrine, actually, I'm trying to keep it with only things that Human use, so it's compatible with as many people with stock software as poss!
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you do everything from A to Z, or you just change the file gtkrc. I ask this through what I started in creating theme. ^ ^
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