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Screenshot 221109 Busy

Same as the previous screenie, but busy. This is a preview of the GTK theme I'm currently working on, which I haven't named yet, but which may be something along the lines of Fawn or Moleskin. Seen here with Dust Metacity theme, although I'll eventually do my own...

Oh, and before you say anything, I know about the toolbar separators...They're fixed now :)
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looks nice, has a natural touch...
just the toolbar spacers look bad
you can remove them by adding
" GtkToolbar ::space-style = GTK_TOOLBAR_SPACE_EMPTY"

to the first part of your gtkrc, maybe you have to log out and in from gnome to see the result

and i want to see the scrollbars :)
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Thanks! I've been using it for a few days now and I really like it (not to "toot my own horn"!). I'll keep the toolbar separators, figured out how to make them match the toolbar colour, so they look fine now. Only problem I'm having are the special cases in (e.g.) Nautilus...But I'm working through it. I'll post it up here eventually :)
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ah ok, so they look better now :)

what´s the prob with nautilus?

do you know this site: [link] ? it sometimes helped me a lot, especially the styleproperties section
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The problem with Nautilus is that it has three toolbars in its default config...A menubar, a toolbar with navigation buttons, and a location bar that shows what folder you're in...Problem is that if you see in gedit, the menu bar and toolbar have a slight gradient, so they're slightly "3D", but in Nautilus, there's another bar below that that looks not quite right because it doesn't go with the "3D" look. I'm trying to decide whether I will program the three bars as a block specially for Nautilus, or just work on the location bar to differentiate it a bit.
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i wait eagerly for the result :)