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My latest screenie...No big whoop, just Conky that grabs a quote from, and Docky showing off how the Token Gnome icon theme is coming along. It's been slow-going, but it's taken me a while to get the filters right in Inkscape!
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As usual, a beautiful combination of form and function.
Hello! What wallpaper do you use? It's very beautifull!!! (Sorry for my english)
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The wallpaper is called "Jurassic Arch" and can be found on Interfacelift :)
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Did you wrote, the dock is docky?
You meant that's Gnome-Do in dock mode?
Or what kinda dock is that?
And, what modifications you made on the original dock, to fix the width? And the background image is strange for me 2.....
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No, I didn't quite specify! The dock is Docky, not Gnome-Do in Docky mode. It's in development, so not entirely stable :) Docky has an option for "panel mode". The background image is from Interfacelift, called "Jurassic Arch".
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Lookin good ! Would you happen to have a conky script
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Sure, it's pretty simple, just your normal Conky config settings, then after TEXT:

${time %k:%M %A, %d %B %Y}${font Sawasdee:size=16}
${execpi 120 curl --silent '[link] | sed '{:q;N;s/\n//g;t q}' | grep -o '<div class="entry">[^<]*' | sed 's/<div class=\"entry\">.//;s/ //g' | fold -sw 85}${font}

The font is Sawasdee, which comes with Ubuntu.

Hope this helps!
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Great work in all ur desktops ;)

Anyway, a little suggestion; I think Wikiquote RSS "Quote of the day" could be a good alternative without wget, curl... or another websites ;)

RSS QOTD: [link]

We can use Wikiquote API too: [link]
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Thanks for the script. Tell your hubby his guitar looks great !!!!
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