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Rings Widgets -- CW and CCW

This package is for two Conky widget code blocks, both clockwise and counter-clockwise rings. (You will need both to create the screenie above, if you look closely!)

These widget code blocks are for use in my Conky Widgets scripts, which you can grab from here: [link]

+ v1.1 -- Updated for use with Conky Widgets v1.1 (05.11.2009)
+ v1.0 -- Original release
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Hello. How can I use just the meter rings on the side? So great and minimal. I am using conky v1.9.0-4
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the wallpaper Link please :)
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i can't open archive...Where can i find this clock?
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I've downloaded the archive, but gzip says that it's not in gzip format and archive doesn't open. What's wrong with him?
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Oh, I keep forgetting that I really ought to use .zip format. The file is actually a .tar.gz, but for some reason DevArt changes it to a _tar.gz, so doing a normal tar from cli won't work. If you right-click on it in Nautilus, you can open it with Archive Manager and you'll see it correctly in there...Hope this helps!
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the wallpaper link please :)
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Very beautifull ! =D
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these are amazing! but I have no idea on how to install them. do i have to edit my conkyrc file? please help.
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You'll need to grab a copy of my Conky Widgets script, and copy the code blocks into it. There is more information on the Conky Blog: [link]
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hi have you this also for windows?
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for windows you should search for samurize ;)
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Sorry, it's for Linux only! Conky doesn't run in Windows :(
the wallpaper is very beautifull

give me the link please
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