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March 4, 2011
"Rings" Meters for Conky by ~londonali1010 This Lua script gives you great possibilities to create really amazing Conky setups.
Featured by Alexander-GG
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'Rings' Meters for Conky

This is a Lua script written with Cairo bindings to display ring meters, just like the CircleMeter adesklet by kurcze. You can customise the size, thickness, placement, colour and transparency of the rings, as well as max value and start and end angles. The meter will work for any combination of "name" and "argument" for which Conky will return a value for ${name argument}. Some examples are ${mem_perc }, ${cpu cpu0}, ${time %H.%M.%S}, etc.

Instructions for customising the rings, and for how to call the script in Conky, are in the script itself.

This package contains a screenie for reference, [link] script, and the widget code block, for use with my Conky Widgets script.

Please note that Cairo bindings for Lua are only available in Conky 1.7.2+.

If you use this script, please leave me a note saying how you've used it!

+ v1.2 -- Added option for the ending angle of the rings (07.10.2009)
+ v1.1 -- Added options for the starting angle of the rings, and added the "max" variable, to allow for variables that output a numerical value rather than a percentage (29.09.2009)
+ v1.0 -- Original release (28.09.2009)
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Thankyou! It is very beautiful an 'zen'.

You uploaded a *.gz file, but it is tar.gz and some newbies don't know why they can't see the right files.
I think there is something wrong with the download. When I extract the GZ zip there is only a .tar file which I can't extract
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Thank you, very much.
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The thing for the initiated (hope I've used the word correctly) ones.
Wery beautiful, though!
sasha1594's avatar
Please provide a link for the wallpaper too, Thankyou...
how to install?
thank you not download link
sorry, but haven't you made a mistake in memperc? Max value, according to how the angles are set, should be 409 not 100 ....
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Hi londonali1010,

I really like your rings script, and it seems that everyone using Conky has used it at some point in their configs.
I liked it so much I modified it to add colour changing support for my desktop clock.

Here's the screenshot:

and here's the script and config:

Hope you like it!

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Just created a deviation for this so here's the page:
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We're starving of some information here.
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If you, ~londonali1010, use this script. Let me know how to use it.
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F#king great.
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How do I install this ? I don't get it, won't work on Lubuntu 12.04 LXDE
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Very nice, but it seems prety complicated to understand at the first look... :-)
Thanks for this! I used your lua rings example in a small tool for Jboss that helps developers know when a certain kind of memory usage is going critical. Available on github.
oops...didnt mean to submit just yet....
The github project I mentioned is here: [link]

could you be so kind and let me know how to use your script? I've put the files ring_wb.txt and rings-v1.2.lua in my home folder (/home/zeitlos./scripts/) and added

# -- Lua Load -- #
lua_load /home/zeitlos/.scripts/<rings-v1.2.1.lua
lua_draw_hook_pre conky_ring_stats my conky.rc-file. But what else do I have to put in my conky.rc file to get conky work and look like in the screen?

Thanks for your help!
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