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March 4, 2011
"Rings" Meters for Conky by ~londonali1010 This Lua script gives you great possibilities to create really amazing Conky setups.
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'Rings' Meters for Conky



This is a Lua script written with Cairo bindings to display ring meters, just like the CircleMeter adesklet by kurcze. You can customise the size, thickness, placement, colour and transparency of the rings, as well as max value and start and end angles. The meter will work for any combination of "name" and "argument" for which Conky will return a value for ${name argument}. Some examples are ${mem_perc }, ${cpu cpu0}, ${time %H.%M.%S}, etc.

Instructions for customising the rings, and for how to call the script in Conky, are in the script itself.

This package contains a screenie for reference, [link] script, and the widget code block, for use with my Conky Widgets script.

Please note that Cairo bindings for Lua are only available in Conky 1.7.2+.

If you use this script, please leave me a note saying how you've used it!

+ v1.2 -- Added option for the ending angle of the rings (07.10.2009)
+ v1.1 -- Added options for the starting angle of the rings, and added the "max" variable, to allow for variables that output a numerical value rather than a percentage (29.09.2009)
+ v1.0 -- Original release (28.09.2009)
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Customise? With "s"? Much better spelling, much so.